Taking care of my lashes with Lash Affair

I think mother nature didn't like me too much. I was denied the chance to have a nice lookig booty no matter how much I try to make it grow and I was denied the chance to have lashes too.  My natural lashes are very short and sparse; and despite not finding solutions with my booty, I did find something to help me achieved a fullier look lashes.


The first thing I try was a Lash Lift, just in case you are not aware, I'm an aesthetician, so I had one of my coworkers do the lift to me, I've seen amazing results and I told my self: why not? But unfortunately not the results I was expecting.


Then I tried the extensions after I became certified Lash Extension Technitian, I mean, my classmates needed to practice too. And the results were espectacular, but guess what? I'm not the perfect candidate, I scratch my eyes very frequently as a result of  a life of allergies and an infection I didn't even remember I once had.



At this point one of my suppliers advice me of this Growth Serum, it's an all natural peptide complex that fortifies the hair, improving lash moisture and integrity, this supplement  is recommended for those who have suffered damage from past lash extensions sets, lash curlers or those with weak lashes like me.  And I started to use it daily.


But you must know something, after reaching  full results, you must start to wean off SLOWLY. Going from once a day to once every other, and so on. Peptides send messages for lashes that would otherwise have fallen out to stay in the follicle. If you don’t WEAN OFF of the growth serum slowly, you may suffer a big lash shed, because lashes stop receiving this message and they shed all at once. 


The lashes eventually return on the following cycle, but during the time of their mass shed, the results can be disturbing.


So, my best advise for using this serum and any lash growth serum is: Only apply to the base like a liner, and only a minimal amount is necessary.  Do not  overuse the lash growth serum as applying more than twice a day is not recommended.


Give it a try on this Link and use my discount code LASHESNSKIN for a 15%off.   You'll thank me later.



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  • Marija

    I love your informative review. I will try this product. Your lashes look great. Keep posting amazing reviews. Pls check out my posts, like, comment and follow me. Thank you

  • Rachael Tam

    Thank you for this wonderful review! Very informative! Keep up the great work! ✌

  • Sabrina

    Excellent review, tutorial and completely hilarious (sorry about your booty. I got the booty and no lashes, lol!)! Beautiful results. How did you make the animation (app). I love this whole post! 💜