Tarte High Tides & Good Vibes Palette | First Impressions & Swatches

Today I’m sharing my first impressions and review of the new Tarte High Tides and Good Vibes eyeshadow palette! I show you the product in action with a tutorial, comparisons to other palettes, and share my first impression.
🎁It comes in super cute packaging with moving water!! and gold detailing. The eyeshadow pan shapes are all really different, which I really love, but some people might dislike. 

Vegan, cruelty, gluten free

🎨There are mattes and lusters in this palette. Down the middle are glitters suspended in gel. There are some neutral tones, shimmers and brighter colors. 

I applied the deep blue on my lid and under my lash line. I put aqua holic on inner to half of my eye and turtlette on the very inner corner of my eye. I smoked out the lash line with Surf's Up. 

🎨I found the shadows really easy to work with. The shades are also really beautiful. 

I recommend using a glitter glue. The glitters are a gel formula, but not gel enough to use sticky enough to use on its own.  

⚠️I recommend doing eyes before any other part of makeup because I got a lot of fallout with the shadows and especially the glitter. 

I applied the glitters on top of some glitter glue. 

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