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Hello! I’ve got a small skincare review here, which I think is a first. I recently received a deluxe sample of Tatcha’s The Deep Cleanse ($38), and I was so excited! I do think that skincare is worth splurging on, but a majority of the products I use are more on the affordable side. But I am a fan of Tatcha, and I was very happy to get a sample of this!Freddy Tam Reviews The Deep Cleanse From Tatcha_1
This cleanser contains a lot of natural fruit exfoliants (idk what Luffa fruit is) and claims to be both gentle and effective in clearing the skin. I do think this is an expensive cleanser, and I personally think that you’re better off splurging more on things that stay on your face, such as serums and moisturizers. But I decided to use up the sample before making any judgment on the product.
Freddy Tam Reviews The Deep Cleanse From Tatcha_2
This is like a gel with fruit fibers inside, which I think helps with the gentle exfoliation. It smells really good, like a slight fruity scent and a little gingery (???). The Deep Cleanse lathers slightly and you can feel the fibers when applying it to your face. I didn’t notice any immediate effects and I don’t really expect to with a cleanser, and I still needed to use an oil cleanser prior to remove makeup first. But over time I noticed my skin feeling much softer and my pores don’t seem as clogged. A big plus is that this cleans out all the residue off my face and my skin felt very soft and not tight, so it was definitely not overly stripped!
I do think this is a good quality cleanser that did help with the clogged pores in my T-zone. But I don’t have too much acne or clarifying issues elsewhere so I can’t judge on that. I also find $38 to be quite expensive for a cleanser, but I really do love how my face feels after using this and I might consider splurging on the full size in the future. You can find The Deep Cleanse on Tatcha’s site as well as Sephora for $38, and usually Tatcha will sell travel sizes if you want to try first.
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