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Look tatcha the dewy skin cream review

Tatcha | The Dewy Skin Cream: Review

For Spring 2019, Tatcha is expanding its moisturizer repertoire with "a rich cream that feeds the skin with plumping hydration and antioxidant-packed Japanese purple rice for a dewy, healthy glow". 🍵It's packed with fermented algae, green tea, and a plethora of botanical extracts and is designed for normal to dry skin. I've been testing out this cream for a couple of weeks now so I wanted to share with you my review. 🤑$84 CAD $68 USD for 50 mL ⭐I love how The Dewy Skin Cream feels instantly soothing on the skin and despite the silicone in the ingredients, there was no pilling. ⭐The finish of the cream is not super dewy so even though I have oily/combination skin, I had no issues with shine. ⚠️The formulation is a little too heavy for the daytime but as a night cream, it does a wonderful job of making my face look and feel nourished in the morning. 💯Overall, this is an excellent face cream with the most amazingly smooth and dreamy texture. ⭐The formulation is not heavy and the finish is not greasy so even though it's intended for normal to dry skin, it also works well with oily and combination skin. Visit Original Content: http://www.thehappysloths.com/2019/05/tatcha-dewy-skin-cream-review.html


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