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Tatcha The Rice Wash (a confusing name for a nice cream cleanser)

Honestly, if I hadn't read the product description for this cleanser a cream cleanser isn't the first formulation that comes to mind. I'm familiar with Tatcha's Rice Polish and would've expected this to be their version of a micellar water or some verison of their rice polish, but no, it's a foaming cream cleanser. My personal train of thought aside, how did I like it?

First a little background on how I use facial cleansers. A while ago I read something about not foaming cleansers with water before cleaning your skin with it and I've been doing that ever since -- cleansers go straight on my skin without adding water. I haven't had any issues with this method, until now. The Rice Wash needs water to help thin it out for application -- still I dampen my face with water first and then use this cleanser instead of adding water and foaming it up.

Cleaning-wise, my skin definitely feels hydrated and soft after using it. As my skin tends to dry out as the weather gets cooler, I appreciate that it doesn't dry me out. I'm not 100% sold on hyaluronic acid in a cleanser as you're washing it off, but it definitely doesn't hurt.

I have acne-prone skin (hello adult hormonal acne) and I'm happy to say that this hasn't caused any new spots, but sadly I can't really say if it helps with exisiting breakouits -- it doesn't seem like it's improving on my current routine to fight spots, but it's not hindering it either.

What I don't like? The scent. It's quite strong and not my favorite. I vaugely remember I had a similar issue with Tatcha's Rice Polish -- it too had a strong scent that I wasn't a fan of. I'm thinking the scent is a Tatcha thing.

Overall? At $35 it's not the cheapest facial cleanser out there, but it's also not unreasonably expensive. I think if you're looking to try Tatcha's products and/or looking for a face wash that's not drying give this a try.

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