This foundation is like the original full coverage foundation before full coverage really became a thing. 
🎨I got the shade 2W2 Rattan
🤑30.50 Pounds, $.  USD for 30 mL which is a pretty standard volume
It's Medium-Full coverage, matte finish.
🎁It comes in a glass bottle and it doesn't come with a pump. I would like a pump to go with it, especially for how much I paid for it. It has a very thick consistency, but that doesn't bother me. The foundation I normally use is also thick. 
⭐I have pretty normal skin, kind of dry at the moment. I get slight oil in the center of my face and occasional acne. 
✅I'm going to take a penny sized amount. I will be applying the foundation with a brush. I also took a smaller brush and applied it under my eyes. Honestly, I could get away without using concealer. 
💯I thought that this foundation was going to be super matte and cakey, but the finish is actually really nice. It blends out nicely and easily. The coverage is very intense and the color fits really well. It covered all my redness and spots. I don't need concealer with this foundation!
All the powder, blush and bronzer applied really well over the foundation. 
⌛After 5 hours, and this foundation maintained its look well. I look slightlhy more dewy and I see very small lines around my nose. For the most part, it looks pretty much exactly like it did 5 hours ago. 
⌛After 12 hours, the foundation still looks exactly the same. Maybe faded a little around my nose but that's it. 
I am a massive fan of this product. It's definitely worth the hype!
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