That warm fuzzy feeling

If romance could be described with a scent this would be the reminiscences of the memory of your first time falling in love.if the smell of falling in love for the first time a genuine first time falling in love, with the butterflies you get in your stomach from laying eyes on them like in the movies where time stops,the spark from The first kiss, holding their hand, the flush of warmth over taking your body when they text or call your phone, an the all around giddy feeling you get when you hear their name.

With a light lavish spray for a distinctly feminine sensuality. It devine and sensual. The notes of this fragrance is not overly strong to drive someone away,but to pull your significant other closer to you.All the cliché love song that play over and over in your head when you spray this fragrance and the smell hits your nose.

Warm and fuzzy scent that males you feel like you're 12 Yeats old back at summer camp,and you find the love of your life. The one that takes your breath away. So you spend ever waking minute with them, this is the reminiscent scent. Detailnotes of night blooming day lily, white voliet,the fantasy of sun goddess roses, The calming aroma of chamomile, embrace of woody musk and patchouli, Jasmine, brightness of marigolds with yellow freesia. Sparking notes of pink peppercorns, ginger, fruit of substle lychees, and Mandarin oranges effervescent to a fairy tale ending. All of the Noyes and fragrances capture the timeless essence of falling in true love.

Elegant design of the perfume bottle, a time less beauty. One you don't throw in your purse to be lost on the abyss of the unknown and lost forever. Never to be seen again. It needs to be on display, part of a growing collection of the beautiful scent of your investment.

I purchase mine at sephora, for $78.00 for 1.7 fl oz. It  kinda small. But it a investment, it parr of my little collection for repurposed vanity and makes m feel all girly whem I'm not.

I is a perfume I have recommended to my family and friends, and they get the se weird memories as I do every time I Wear this fragrance.

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  • Sabrina

    Your review is a commercial in itself, like what do you do for a living? Lol! It was beautiful magic! I feel like something is missing in my life for but having tried this. Great review!! 💜💜