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The best mascara for dramatic, volumized lash look! πŸ–€

I have thin and lower lashes and i like volumized, curled, dramatic lash look and this mascara def works  so well on me! 
This product is one of the most talked-about, blogged-about, raved-about mascaras. Here’s why:

πŸ’­The handle of the wand is the heavy part so it feels different while applying but that’s good because it gives you more control while applying.

πŸ’­ The formula is wet at first but then it gets a little bit drier. Even so lashes don’t stick together between coats.

πŸ’­ One coat on the lashes makes them black, longer, thicker and fuller.

πŸ’­ You don’t have to use lash curler before or after application, it curls the lashes well and holds curl well over the course of the day.
πŸ’­Stays all day without flaking off or transfering onto lids. 
This mascara is definitely fab!! If you like big dramatic, volumized lashes this mascara is the best for you!! πŸ–€ 

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