The Black Owned Beauty Brand That Will Take You To School! 🎨

This palette has me shook 😍

It is everything. This palette is a gift from the gods of pigment, bestowed upon us mere mortals. It has every color of the 🌈rainbow, and then it takes it a step further and throws us some neutrals as well. This palette, The Matte Book, has ⭐26 shades⭐ in total, and retails for $25. There are endless combinations in color with this palette, if I had to pick one eyeshadow palette for my makeup collection, this would be it. 

🖍The Crayon Case 🖍 is a black owned, indie beauty brand that is known for its school themed cosmetics. They are mid range in price, and excellent quality. On social media they offer daily creative inspiration in the form of 'Crayon Cuties', representatives of the brand that not only model looks, but host video based "school sessions" to teach you insider tips for applying their products.

The Matte Book is the perfect palette to create bold, pigmented looks.

This is a look with cool-toned shades from The Matte Book. As you can see, the pigment is incredibly vivid and retains its brightness through the blending process.

Next, I did a look featuring some of my favorite warm shades 

These two looks are just a glimpse into the potential that this palette holds, the Matte Book is the ultimate box of crayons for makeup enthusiasts! 

Rich pigments, all-day hold, and a full spectrum of shades to play with? Sign me up for school! 🤓

What are your favorite Black-owned beauty brands? What colors would you combine? Don't forget to react to this post and comment if you enjoyed this post! 🥰

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  • Daisy

    This is so cute! I love the idea of making it look like a notebook. The colors are so pretty. There’s a really huge variety of colors to choose from. It looks like it blends really easily, and that’s always a good thing. Bold looks are my absolute favorite because you can express all of your feelings into the bold and bright look that you make. I would combine blue ad violet, toe of my favorite colors that go really well together. Thank you for the review!

  • Rose Katz

    I love this palette! The colors are so bright and vibrant. The yellow and blue are so pretty! I love that you numbered which shadows you used and in the order you used them in. I definitely want to try them out. Great review!🥰🌈

  • Shannon Lee

    Great Post ! Love the looks ! I love Pat McGrath but it’s very pricey ! Fenty is awesome. One day I’m going to get one of the Palettes from “the mother” Pat McGrath!!

  • Shannon Lee

    This brand blew up Instagram a few years back with the Crayon Box Palette ! I love the school themed products so cool. I never did get the crayon box palette 😔 it was sold out a lot at first. Influencer Laura Lee has it in her YouTube and then it was even more Buzz 🐝 !!

  • Kate D.

    Another amazing post by one of my faves!! Thank you for such a thorough abs in-depth review, Shannon! Your tutorial is super helpful, especially to someone like me that's not that great at applying eyeshadow. The way that you've numbered the shades and the spots that you used the colors on your eyes helps tremendously! It's hard to pick my favorite black-owned beauty brand! There are soo many great ones. I really like an indie black-owned beauty brand called Bluhwow. They're so cool and inexpensive, too! The owner is such a sweetheart. You can check them out on their website of the same name or on their Instagram at @bluhwow. Give them a look. I promise: you won't be disappointed! If I were going to create a look using this palette, which is soo pretty, then I'd most likely use a combination of different shades of the blues and purples. They're my favorite colors!

  • Christy


  • Melissa Griffith

    Wow,beautiful palette. I hadn't heard of this brand before. Thank you for bringing it to our attention. Love that you are supporting and bringing awareness of a black owned beauty brand.

  • Ann Thomas

    Wow! Looks awesome! Great colors for summer and to fight that depression the COVID19 is giving me everyday!

  • Asti Custard

    Rainbow palettes got lots of amazing colors to choose from, loveeeee it!!!

  • Sheryl Stephan

    Wow! Great job! These colors are absolutely beautiful! I love how you took them and made them work with other colors. Great job!

  • Lisa Moore

    My sister loves this brand. My skills are just too basic to use this. But lovely looks.

  • Sabrina

    I love both the sunset and seascape looks created! I thought they were the official photos at first, so gorgeous. What I especially like it's what you get because $25 is a great price for any decent palette, but more so with so many shades. Thank you for sharing your find! 💜

  • Marisa Jolicoeur

    That is a pretty cool looking palette!

  • Stefany Scaggs

    I love all the different colors I wouldn't know which color to start with! The biggest palette I have is a nude 4 color pallette I really like it cause they all but 1 have shimmer in them.

  • Micheala

    this is a great review. I love the many colors.

  • Nicole Robinson

    This seriously is an awesome review. I love how you numbered everything. Very cool!

  • Mariangel Carmona

    Amazing looks..

  • Chanel

    I definitely want to try out this palette 🤩

  • Sophia P

    Omg I feel like I can create any look I please with this palette

  • katherine wu

    This palette is so bright and bold and I love it! 😍 I've never heard of this brand, so I'll be sure to check them out! I really love the look you created with the cool shades!

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    Those palette colors are phenomenal!...although i dont have much experience with black owned beauty products..i do however sometimes find that my makeup needs are better resolved with black owned beauty products..i have dark skin and in summer when i tan....theres hardly any makeup that will match..i have used milani...i really love the high pigments....i wish there were better options for us dark skinned girls....if you all know any brands i might benefit from please feel free to reply..

  • Marlena Fannin

    This an amazing palette. I don't own any palettes yet but plan on getting one. You did a great job. I especially liked your warm makeup look.

  • Naf

    Love the colors!

  • Clifton Pippin

    Love this pallette

  • Karlee

    I love the warm shade look!!😍😍😍

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