The cheaper the better? Kleancolor Skingerie Sexy Coverage Concealer

Hi everybody, this is my first long post and wanted to start with this product I have. It's the Kleancolor Skingerie Sexy Coverage Concealer. When I was looking for a cheap concealer for everyday use I stumbled upon this. Kleancolor is best known for nail products but slowly have been expanding on makeup products such as foundation, concealers lip products and so on. 

On the web it says it blurrs imperfections and  dark circles discreetly with a creamy texture that allows a second skin feel. It has a decent range of shades, like 20 as I saw on their website, and the price 1$ surely is very appealing. 

My experience with the product: I have the shade Porcelain, right from the tube wich I saw that it was lighter than I thought it would be. The applicator is like a any other you would find in other concealers. The product doesn't have any scent, wich is a plus for sensitive people. When I applied it on my skin I felt it was dry and had to work fast so it didn't left patches on my face. The coverage is medium so I still see some of my blemishes. If you don't prepare properly the skin it would emphasized texture and pores and of course you have to set it to avoid creasing. 

Overall for a dollar you can't be disappointed if this don't perform like other affordable concealer so I think it's a good option for you are on a budget and don't have many imperfections. 






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