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The CHEAPEST drugstore brand EVER wins me overwet n wild

What's up everyone! Your girl Nicole ,bringing you another sweet post I did a photo post and a video post on this product by Wet n Wild, so I hope you enjoy both!


ΥHAT IT IS: This is a high performing, skin perfecting foundation that went through major road testing under several different photo lighting conditions to deliver flawless camera ready makeup everytime. Made with a matte, light diffusing complex to give your skin that no filter perfection.

APPLICATION: Shake well and apply as you would any foundation. I used my Juno&Co sponge.

SHADES: They put out 20 shades guaranteeing that you can find your color

PACKAGE: I am pleasantly surprised with how much product is in the glass container 28ml 0.95floz. This comes with a weird lil hard plastic spatula that I was not trying to use.just my preference, I get the concept tho.

MONEY: This is the cheapest concealer I have ever seen or bought. Only $4.50 at Wal-Mart. You get a ton of product

MY FINAL THOUGHT: At first I was hesitant because it does give off a acrylic paint smell, but then I thought about it and I've had worse smelling foundation than this so I just went ahead and gave it a whirl. I thought the hard plastic swatch spatula was a little much and it didn't appeal to me at all, so I just used my beauty sponge and the application was surprisingly awesome! I had a big pimple that I popped the other day and this stuff covered it up which is all I am really aiming for when I use foundation. I say give it a try. It really looks great in pics too. I give this a 4/5.

Thank you for viewing! What's your favorite drugstore foundation? Comment below and drop the ♥to earn 156 coins and don't forget to follow me if you havnt. I promise to follow you right back! See ya later!


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