The Game-Changing Sunscreen You Need To Know About

My #1 regret from my teens and early twenties? Not enough wearing sunscreen. This past year, I’ve really started to see the fine lines show up that I was praying wouldn’t start surfacing until my thirties.
✅Honestly, I had never found a sunscreen product that didn’t make my face greasy, smell like the beach, or make my makeup peel off my face. I knew I needed something far better than what my SPF15 foundation provided, but I just didn’t think there was a product out there.

 Supergoop reached out to me and sent a few SPF products for me to try. I truly did not have high hopes–I mean, how can you when every sunscreen you’ve tried in your life has failed you from an everyday functionality perspective?

⭐The second I tried 
their new “Unseen” sunscreen, I actually said the words, “OH. MY. GOD” out loud. This was FINALLY the product I had been waiting years for. (Ugh. If only I had this in high school. I would have a lot less fine lines on my face right about now ?)
💯It’s not every day I get this excited to tell you guys about a product, but I am honestly begging you to buy this today. You will remember this advice in 15 years and thank me. If I’m lucky enough to have a daughter one day, this will be the first product that I incorporate into her beauty routine.

👍It’s oil-free, weightless, completely clear, and leaves no yucky residue. It rubs into your skin with a velvety texture and acts as a primer for your makeup. It is truly AMAZING.
Plus, it’s completely safe too and made with plant-based ingredients (and none of the bad stuff, which is reassuring because sunscreen can be one of the toxic things on your bathroom shelf).

⭐“Unseen” is made with red algae, which offers protection against visible light, including blue light (you know, like from your computer? That’s damaging too!) Meadowfoam Seed Oil adds hydration and helps to even skin texture, while Diatomaceous Earth absorbs perspiration and excess oil. It also has Frankincense extract, which is an anti-inflammatory. The brand is cruelty-free, too!
⭐I also made Neal try it (obviously, because he also refuses to wear sunscreen for the reasons I listed above, and the fact that white sunscreen always gets stuck in his stubble.) Because this is clear and doesn’t leave behind any residue, he also gave it two thumbs up!
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