The Infinite Lip Clouds Are As Comfortable And Dreamy As They Sound

Michelle Phan brought Em Cosmetics back and is taking over the beauty world again. These lip clouds retail for $18 each on the Em Cosmetics website, and I picked up 5 of the 9 available shades.
They are all beautiful and suitable for many skin tones, so here’s my best attempt at ranking the ones I’ve got from least favorite to favorite. Texture wise they are all velvety smooth, pigmented and applies seamlessly to create a soft matte finish.
💋Rose nude (light, muted nude pink) – easy to wear, everyday color
💋Muted Mauve (dusty rose) – the cool-toned pink pairs perfectly with the soft matte finish
💋Vintage Rosewood (earthy mauve) – has more depth than the previous shades
💋Faded Clementine (soft tangerine) – a bold but wearable shade, photographs beautifully
💋Love – bright orange red – Betty Boop’s lipstick, I’m very sure.
Verdict – They’re called lip clouds but there is no fluff here. Don’t miss out on these!
P.S. I also bought the Em Cosmetics True Glosses in Magic Hour to try out the new gloss formula, and I regret not buying more colors! This sheer peachy nude has beautiful micro-glitters to enhance the shine and isvnot sticky at all. I guess I’ll be expecting another package from Em Cosmetics soon!
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