The juiciest lip gloss I have ever used! $40 worth of gloss for freeee

   I have been just scoring like crazy from my main sample site, bzzzzagent! Just a couple weeks ago it was the Lancome Mademoiselle lip balms, and this week they sent me 2 Lancome Juicy Tubes lip glossesπŸ€“ 


HALLUCINATION- Ultra shiny dark pink color, very light when applied..very fruity smelling

BIRTHDAY CONFETTI- holographic sparkles ✨ light light pink, pretty much clear.. Straight up birthday cake smell

πŸ“£ Ultra-shiny lip gloss that delivers 4 hours of lasting hydration and the perfect amount of sticky cushion texture.

πŸ“ Glide over bare lips or over a lipstick, to make those lips shine.

🌈 10 shades to choose from

πŸ’° $20 online only(Sephora)

🌿 vitamin E to soften and hydrate lips

πŸ€“πŸ’­ I love free samples, but when they are out of control like these, I have to broadcast that shit to the 🌎. I am not trying to brag, I want to bring you all the awareness that there are sites out there that are giving away AMAZING FREE BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Please go sign up and get some too!  I want all of you to get the same things I am getting. Free is the best. Back to the products.... Yummy! The shine and shimmer is out of control. It is a bit sticky, but I didn't mind. I really liked the birthday confetti most, it's like having a disco ball on my lips. I think $20 for a lip gloss is out of bounds, but I am down for more free samples lol.

Thank you for viewing! Have you tried these Lancome Juicy Tubes? Tell me you got this offer too! Wanna try? Hit the 😍❀ and comment below to score some coins! I'll see you soon! ✌




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