The Moisturizer for Acne Prone Skin

🤑$45 for oz. ⭐The Good Science Purifying Face Cream is targeted for acne-prone skin. It’s main ingredient is Willowbark and a amino acid, that are supposed to unblock pores, reduce oiliness, and reduce the appearance of blemishes. 🎁The packaging is a nice dark glass bottle with a pump for easy use. The heavy packaging and sleek chemistry designs makes it feel high end. ✅ I use this either in the morning or night, after applying all my serums/essence. The texture is perfect for either day or night. 👍👎 I really enjoy this moisturizer and it feels like a step up from what I usually use. It’s perfect for my normal to oily skin and I feel that it doesn’t interfere with my other skincare products. Some days I just skip my serums and apply this moisturizer just to give my skin a break from active ingredients. 💕Thanks for reading this post <3 Make sure to give it a LIKE, and click the I WANNA TRY button if I’ve convinced you about this product! Lastly, FOLLOW for more content like this! 💕

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  • Shelby Rodenberg

    Love the colors!

  • Fountains Kelly

    How often do you break out? Your skin looks amazing. I don't see any break outs.

  • Kami Ritchie

    I would like to try it because it sounds so simple. With minimal ingredients and non-irritating. I can't wait!

  • Lonnie Ko

    Oooo I'm trying to find one for my skin.

  • Christian Callaway

    Sounds like it would definitely help with acne and is non irritating to skin because of the main ingredient Willowbark. I love products that have Willowbark in them!

  • Marie Griffin

    Looks great I want to try

  • Myshell

    Wow that's crazy ? I wonder if moisturized skin is less likely to get Acne ? Where's a dermatologist when you need one ?

  • Melissa Shepherd

    I love serum's makes my skin feel so wonderful!!

  • Virginia. Tackett

    I've never used serums,now I'm 57 I'm panicking and need all the help I can get.I really need this thanks.

  • yona garlit

    I have just begun to use serums and I love them. My biggest fear is that it would irritate my skin as I have very sensitive skin. But to the contrary, they leave my face moisturized, hydrated and honestly my make-up just seems to go on better. Even when I don't put make-up on, I always put my moisturizer and serum on. I am just disappointed in myself for not trying serums

  • Chelli counts

    I am a very big skincare user and I have never used this one before and I have used other ones like tumeric oil and tea tree oil combined with the byroe tomato serum and I have found them to be useful for acne prone skin and I love how much my skin has been clearing up with using the tumeric oil and tea tree oil and tomato serum together to clear up the acne I sometimes get during the time of the month and from stress definitely recommend you try it out and see a big difference in your skin have a great day and weekend

  • Danielle Gentry

    I am big on my skincare and I have found myself loving serums recently. This moisturizer sounds amazing.

  • Myshell

    Awesome review !! Right now I'm using clinque moister surge face wash and moisturizer and I love both but I'm always interested in trying new products , the best face serum I've ever used would definitely be by Kate Somerville it works really well but remember how Cinderella had to be home by 12 otherwise the magic would wear off ? This product is the same damn way !! I'd say you have maybe 4 hours before you turn into a pumpkin lol

  • Cory Eades

    Interesting, curious to give this a go...thanks for your review video. My girlfriend to regimen is to clean the face with Simple Skin face wash (creamy wash) then follow up with Dickinson's Witchhazel in the pink bottle, and finally I apply Kiehl's Calendula Water has been the most glorious thing to hit my Hispanic skin...I am left with hydrated skin, that has cleared up, brought back my glow, and allows me to be all natural on a lot of days, which I love, love, love!!! But Iam always open to trying other products...our skin changes with time, environment, and with current medical conditions or medications.

  • Sabrina

    Thank you for the great video! I've tried Dr Song Pure Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Vitamin C Serum with Hyaluronic Acid, Organic by Hello Lovely! (freebies from Rebatekey) but my absolute favorite is the Tree Oil Acne Serum by Keeva Organics. It's ~$25, has a generous bottle, and a little goes a long way. It smells great and you can feel it working. All of their products are excellent imo.

  • Lisa Navas

    I have a question my niece is 12, and starting to wear makeup, would this be safe for her to use?,

  • Stephanie Grant

    Great review and I enjoy this stuff it really helps my skin feel great and keeps it clear and healthy and I have combination skin and it really helped me out I'm really happy with my results with this product and it's something that I would recommend for someone but I would suggest that you try out on a small area because everyone has different skin types and can get different types of results

  • Tia kitchens

    I have used the vitabrid 12 Dual Drop Serum Age-Defying & Deep Hydration and love it. The serum is costly is around $62 but it’s silky smooth not heavy or oily and really helps to plump the skin. I did see notable difference in fine lines especially around the eye area. I am obsessed ♥️

  • Tamara Ortiz

    I've never used any kind of serum on my face. I've always been curious as to it's used for. Here lately, I've been watching a lot of make-up tutorials and I've noticed that a lot of people use some sort of serum before applying their make-up. I used to be like, "what is that?" "What is it for?" Lol! I know now. I have some kind of serum, that a friend of mines, gave to me. One of these days, I'll have to try it out. I want to see what my end results will look like. Great video Jisoo!!


    I like that it seems to be really lite. It didn’t look greasy either. I would definitely be interested in trying this product.

  • Shannon Grant

    I don’t use a hydrating serum. It’s actually a moisture Essence by Aprilskin. I love how effective it is. Amazing review and I’ll check this one out!!

  • Elizabeth

    I still have some minor acne issues, but this sounds like it would be great for someone with at least moderate acne. I have tried a lot of serums. I like the ones with vitamin C the best. Estee Lauder Advanced night repair is excellent too.

  • Destiny

    Thank you for the insight. I honestly am going to look into ordering this. I haven’t tried any serums in the past due to all the talk about them being harmful and a waste of money. I suffer from dry skin so I’m giving it ago. Thank you (:

  • Stephanie Esparza

    Wonderful review ! I don't suffer from acne but my grand-daughter does so I will recommend this to her!

  • Kelsey Kabonick

    I love trying serums!! Theres so many different types with so many different benefits its sometimes hard for me to choose which is best for my acne prone combination skin. But either way I will always use one because they have a ton of great benefits I just need to find one that's recommended for combination skin.

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