The Most Amazing Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe

I received this amazing brow pencil as a gift from Ulta!  I did not think that I would like it as much as I did.  When I held it into my hand, I felt that the pencil was dense making it feel expensive and full of quality.  Also, I was able to control the position of the pencil towards my brows, to give me precision and allowing me to scult my brows to beautifully.  The universal taupe color is a perfect match to my dark brown hair as well.  I was so impressed with the level of precision, quality of the handle, and color of the pencil.  All in all, I would highly recommend this brow pencil for anyone that has brown hair, as it is amazing in terms of quality and it lasts me a full 6-8 months(I apply every three days or so).  

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