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If like me you’ve been after swatches of the shades, along with a kind of ‘first impression’ of the palette – then you’re in the right place. This post may be quite short, sweet and to the point but honestly, I think most of you here for the pictures rather than my words – am I right though?

Just for the record, I got my Jeffree Star Thirsty eyeshadow palette from Beauty Bay (£45, Beauty Bay) – as always their shipping and customer service was top notch!


So, row by row, let’s go..


Parched – a matte slightly peachy cream shade

This will be perfect for under the brow, creating an even base before putting on the other shadows and even for using to blend out the brighter tones

Taste Buds – a sorbet peach matte shadow

This will be a perfect transition colour for the other warm shades in the palette and I think it would also look great for creating a one-colour smoky eye with a twist

Biiiitch! – a super bright watermelon pink shade

This is quite a daring shade (and wow, does it leave a stain). This would be perfect for adding a pop of colour into the centre of the eye – or even under with a smoky upper lid

Kumquat – a matte orange toned brown shadow

Boring I know, but this is my favourite matte shade in the palette (well, neutral wise). It’ll be perfect for deepening the crease and creating a warm toned smoky eye. I can’t wait to use it already!

Stroke – a peach toned brown shade

This is like Kumquat’s cousin. It’s the same kind of, perfect for creating a warm smoky eye shade – but within the peachier side of the spectrum. This will be perfect for using with Taste Buds and Biiiitch!


Divine – a super metallic ice cold silver shadow

Wowzas, this is smoooooth! This shade literally translates as straight up foil shadow. It’ll be perfect for creating a pop and girl, this in the inner corner will be the one!

Filthy Rich – a champagne gold metallic shade

This is one of them shades I already want to use as a highlighter too! I think it’ll be perfect. I’m not going to lie, it’s a little bit gritty but I have applied this onto my arms with my finger and not a brush. The tones of both silver and gold within this shadow really make it pop!

Lick – a true orange toned gold shadow

This is easily one of those shades that I know I’d like to use to create a one-shadow metallic smoky eye with! It’s so smooth to apply and will pop amazingly against the peachy tones in the palette. I think this is my favourite metallic of the bunch.

Snatched – a rose gold metallic shade

Like Filthy Rich, this is a little gritty – but that’s nothing a girl can’t handle. It’s a perfect slightly cool toned rose gold shade, with flecks of silver running through. This will be perfect for creating a halo eye!

Plunge – a bronze metallic shadow

This reminds me of a metallic sunset. It’s the perfect warm toned bronze metallic that shines like no other I own. This will be stunning with the darker shades of the palette to create a deep smoky eye look.



Subtle – a mid brown ashy matte shade

This is the perfect transition colour if you want something a little cooler than Taste Buds. It’ll go amazingly with some of the brighter shades of the palette if you want them to pop on their own.

Quench – a bright canary matte yellow shadow

WOW. This is really something else. I love yellow shadows, especially for using on the inner corner and I’m already dying to use this there. It’s the perfect yellow, not too bright and not too warm that it looks orange. Basically, it’s amazing and I can’t wait to use it.

Submerge – a bright turquoise/cyan blue matte shade

This is daring and I’m living for it. I’m going to Ibiza later this year and I know this will be one of  my go-to shades. Now yes, this isn’t the kind of shade you’re going to use everyday, but it’ll be great for adding a pop of colour on the inner corner, or even under the eye. I’m already dying to create a look with this shade and Divine, I know it’ll look sickening.

Splash – an aqua green matte shadow

This is easily my favourite bright in the palette. It swatched like a dream and is a colour that I don’t own in my collection. Much like Submerge, this will be perfect for adding a pop of colour. I’d also love the look of this all over to create a smoky eye – who’s with me!?

Drizzle – a warm toned dark brown matte shade

This is actually the perfect dark matte for all the shades in this palette. Anything darker and it’d look way too much on the eyes. This is also perfect to pair with the peachier tones like Stroke to create a matte smoky eye. I am LIVING.


So there you go, there’s the swatches of the Jeffree Star Thirsty eyeshadow palette, along with my initial first impressions. I go on holiday next week and I know this is going to be my go-to palette for both day and night time looks. I’m even going to start playing with it beforehand, because why not?!


I’ll be sure to take pictures of the looks I create and they’ll be coming up on the blog within the next few weeks. As I’m going on my holibobs I do already have about six posts scheduled – but I’m sure you won’t mind waiting. If you want to see sneak peeks of the looks before they’re on here, be sure to be following me on Instagram @beccapbeauty – as that’s where they’ll be.


Love, always.




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  • Dawn Worley

    Wow!!! What a great detailed review. Thanks for such a detailed review & taking your time to give the details you did for others to read about this product. Love this palette too like another one I just saw with a great detailed review. I've been wanting a bright colored palette for quite sometime now. This one is awesome also. Loving it. As I said in my other comment on the other bright colored palette my birthday is coming up in a couple weeks & my hubby already asking me what I want to do & what I want for my birthday. Well this looks like a great gift to me. 🥰❤🥰 Last year he bought me the Younique makeup kit for my birthday. 🥰

  • Shell🐚Bee🐝

    Jeffree star really knows how to rock the colors

  • Pauline

    Jefree Star Palette would look great on a blond. I am burnette and fair skin tone. I've commented on a lot of palettes. It does have some featured colors that might work. Real bright for me. Thanks for this review and pic's.

  • Lady

    Wow! The Jefree Star palette looks amazing!! The swatched that you made shows how vibrant each color is. I think this palette is perfect for festivals season

  • Micheala

    I really enjoyed this review great and beautiful and I really love the colors I would really like to sample this product

  • Sylvia Foster

    This would be the shades I love to use. I love bright and beautiful colors. This looks great on you thanks for sharing this.

  • Elizabeth Ostinett

    The splash looks very mermaid like. Gorgeous shade

  • Araceli

    I want to try this so bad! I got the morphe palette and it’s amazing!

  • Ashley Gross

    I absolutely love this palette and every single shade in it! I really need to splurge on myself and just go ahead and buy it, but I haven’t yet. I love the makeup look you did with this palette.

  • Tonya Perin

    Love the colors wanna try them

  • Sam west

    Wow those colors pop

  • Crystal Jones

    I love this palette!!

  • Katie

    Love the shimmer shades in that palette! Always wanted to try Jeffree’s makeup line!

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