The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips - Desert Storm

The Organic Skin Co Cheeky Lips pod in shade Desert Storm is highly pigmented and all natural. Its such a stunning color on any skin tone! The pod itself is a nice creamy, silky formula that blends flawlessly on both the cheeks and the lips. I used mine on a road trip. I didnt want to bring too much with me since i would be in the car all day, but i also didnt want to LOOK like ive been in the car all day either. This was the perfect bring along! Jusy dab a little on the cheeks and then add it to the lips and you get a revived look in less than a minute using only one product. This is a very creamy formula, but if you do have dry or chapped lips i would recommend adding a balm first or a scrub if youre home and have the time. I just topped mine with a gloss and let the color shine through. The color is very long lasting, i didnt have to do any touch-ups on the cheeks throughout the day but i did have to fix the lips a couple times which is expected with any lip cream. It is very easy to use and a little goes a long way! You can buy these as single pods if you just want to try the formula or a color to see how it suits you, or you can build it into a pallet. Also the addition of organic castor seed oil and supercritical extracts of rosemary, pomegranate, and calendula will help to replenish your cheeks and lips, keeping them smooth and healthy. If that isnt enough, not only is it good for you, its good for the planet as well. Its certified organic, vegan, cruelty free, and you get a tree planted with every purchase! 

You can purchase it as a refillable pod that is 0.8 oz for $29.00 or a refill pod that is 0.8 oz for $18.00. You can also build a pallet with either 4 or 8 colors. 

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