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The Queen Kitty (Queen of Hearts Palette)

This is look is from produxts received in a PR Blogger kit  coloured raine cosmetics last summer.  It's not easy getting PR from make up companies at 43 years old and the having a small following. Every time I recreate this look I fall in love with it even more

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  • Bonita kasee

    Wow, love it!! Looks great on you,

  • Sabrina

    No way!! What youth Elixer are you using?! But PrismPop has giveaways and it's cool to try new products. You can also find stuff on IG through ads. Welcome and look forward to a more detailed rev of how you did this. It's perfection. 💜

  • Maggie

    wow! would love to know more about how you do it all 💕