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👩‍🦰The Real Meaning of Natural 👩‍🦰

💥MINERAL FUSION SPARKLE SCINTILLANT                                  BRONZER💥

👩‍🦰This is my review of an all natural beauty product. The before and after photos of me with minimal makeup on using the Mineral Fusion line of cosmetics.👩‍🦰

      🍭Packaging & About the Product🍭

Mineral Fusion is a all natural beauty product line. It can be found at Whole Foods or at many Health Food stores. The company's motto is "Beauty all natural" They make everything Gmo, Chemical, and Cruelty Free. The packaging is made out of all recycled material!

                  🐸HOW IT WORKS🐸

The product I'm reviewing is the Mineral Fusion Bronzer! I have been looking for a new bronzer that does not make my face get irritated or break out! And I think I've found it! The bronzer goes on pretty strong and does not take alot! It is made from natural minerals, that give you that extra tint and glow! It lasts all day long and gives you the feeling like you have nothing on your face!

              🧚‍♀️MY FINAL THOUGHTS🧚‍♀️

I was going for a all natural look, to go with a all natural product! And I think it worked pretty well! I used Mineral Fusion foundation, pomegranate eyeshadow palette, and a little bit of mascara! I feel this look works good for me when I want to look natural but still want to wear makeup! So I reccomend the Bronzer, it might not be for everyone, but if your looking for chemical, cruelty free makeup Mineral Fusion might be for you!!!!!

🤑MINERAL FUSION BRONZER $18.99 @                 Whole Foods in the beauty section🤑

❤ Let me know what you think of the look or             what all natural products you use❤

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  • Marlena Fannin

    Great review 👍! I really liked this product. You let the reader know all about it showed how well it looks on. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kate D.

    Great review! This looks great on you. I love your skin. It looks amazing.

  • sally peabody

    You do have great skin. This is a very good review you got my attention. I use a Bronzer every day so I love seeing new ones. I shop at whole foods and will check this out. Thank you !!

  • Sara Lord

    Very pretty :) You have great skin!