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The Real Tea with ABH's Moonchild Glow Kit

Summer may be coming to an end, but that doesn't mean we gotta let go of some summer vibes! ABH's Moonchild Glow Kit is an iconic festival highlighting palette that can easily be translated to fall and winter looks (in my opinion). 
🤑 $40 USD 6 x 0.16 oz/ 4.5 g I got it for sale $24 so keep an eye out for holiday sales, etc. 

🎁Packaging is super simple and compact. Perfect for traveling EXCEPT for the fact that there's no mirror?! For a $40 palette I feel like they could've included one 😂
🎨Blue Ice, Star, Blue Moon and Purple Horseshoe are all icy, blue shades that look pretty similar on the skin. They come out as a super cool-toned white shimmer. The most unique shades are Pink Heart, a pear white with pink opal and Lucky Clover, a green infused gold with yellow. My favorite shade is Pink Heart. It's such a cute color and goes really well with blush. 
✅ I use the sigma F24 or F06 to apply it very lightly onto my cheekbones. Just one or two taps. I make sure to start sheer and build it up. Feel free to mix colors for a unique look. If I'm feelin spicy I'll apply on my lids. 
👍 Very nice blendability and nice pigmentation when applied with a brush or with your finger. I think the shades are more creamy/luminescent and less glittery/chunky which I really enjoy. I applied it very strongly onto my cheekbones for the swatch, but I normally would sheer it out a lot more for a natural look. 
👎 I think the shade variation is truly weak especially with the purple and blue shades. They definitely could have made them more unique and distinguishable. I also think that it's only suitable for paler skin types if you're trying to use it as a more "everyday" product. 
😍Overall, I enjoy this product and I really recommend it if you're looking for festival vibes or something more interesting in terms of highlight shades. Is it worth the money? If you're okay with three of the shades being really similar, sure, why not haha. I'm glad I have it in my collection regardless, and I think the quality of the product is very nice. Obviously the color selection and shade variation could have been better. 
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