The Sexiest Palette by Anastasia BH!

Anastasia Beverly Hills just keeps getting better and better. For this first impressions video, I'm checking out the bright, bold new shades on the Riviera Eyeshadow Palette. Makes me want to get on a boat.
🎨 All Shades:
- Sails (Matte white)
- Yacht (Duo Chrome mauvy taupe with a violet shift)
- Seychelles (Metallic aqua marine)
- Palermo (Metallic jewel pink)
- Seaside (Duo Chrome silver with a subtle blue shift)
- Inheritance (Metallic true gold)
- Mediterranean (Metallic sky blue)
- Estate (Matte soft pastel peachy pink)
- Cabana (Matte muted birch mustard)
- Coastline (Matte pastel soft peach)
- Bahamas (Matte bright bold candy hot pink pressed pigment)
- Monte Carlo (Matte cool mid-tone pink)
- Cannes (Matte bright violet purple pressed pigment)
- Palm (Matte dark chocolate brown pressed pigment)

Hope you all enjoyed my look, I know I enjoyed creating it.
Norvina, if you're reading this, please take me on vacation with you. 🙏


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