The Surprise Pop

Today's question was what is your one game changer?  The mascara. When your over forty, you don't want to look like a model, you want to look natural yet flawless. In the Florida Sun and heat makeup can be a chore. So.... When the sunglasses come off.... The eyes pop with a strong waterproof Loreal mascara . Makes you look like you have fake lashes without a worry , because , no glue, no falsies. Just amazing eyes that surprise and bring out the natural glow of you. With no fears during the random Sun showers.

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  • Marija

    Wish we can see those eyes. Mirenésse game changing mascara in color black comes in sleek, black package with gold sparkles. I apply it in short strokes and it lasts 24h. It is clump free and smudge-proof. It volumises, lifts and elongates my lashes without making them heavy. This mascara is hypoallergenic which is great for sensitive eyes. It is easy to remove with just water. It comes in waterproof as well. What is your favorite mascara? Pls check out my posts, comment, like and follow me. Thanks! 💞 By doing this, you get coins you can use for amazing rewards. Thanks 👍💋

  • sally peabody

    Make sure you show us those eyes ! I live in Florida too...Dunedin next to Clearwater Beach. Love it here and I was born and raised in Maryland/DC area.