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ULTA's Best Black Friday Deals on Holiday Gifts for Makeup Lovers 💕🎄

Hello, beauties! It’s finally Christmas Season🎄 
I love the Winter ❄️  Holidays and even though Thanksgiving 🦃  is still on the horizon, I like to get a headstart on shopping where I can!
Plus Black Friday has been extended to almost the whole month for a lot of online shopping, so let's snag those deals while we can!

I took a look on ULTA and some really nice deals caught my eye 👀  We all need a little help finding the perfect gift for our loved ones! 🥰

•  Too Faced Liquid Lipstick Set - $25 / Original price $48
I’ve tried the liquid Lipsticks from too faced in the past and they’re super soft to your lips, they do not smudge and they smell amazing! i
If you know someone that loves liquid lipstick this would be an amazing gift for them! 🎄💕

• The Body Shop Glowing British Rose Little Gift Box - $25 / $37 Value
This gift set is perfect for everyone, to be honest - we always need self-care products, and if you give this to someone I’m sure they would really appreciate it!
Not to mention the body shop products SMELL AMAZING! 🥰

• Beauty Blender - $20 Original price (but includes a free gift!)
Much needed in our makeup collection and don't forget we need to change our makeup sponges regularly!
If a friend or a sister is still using regular makeup sponges or has never tried the Beauty Blender, OR if they've been using the same one for a while.... 
Then, I’m sure you would make them very happy with this gift! 👌🏼✨

• Too Faced Sugar Plum Makeup Set - $32 / $105 value 😱
Such a good deal for everything they’re offering!
The set includes an eyeshadow palette (with bomb 💣 neutral colors) an eyeshadow primer, and a travel-size Lip Gloss👌🏼

• Too Faced Enchanted Wonderland Makeup Set: $49 / $245 Value 😱
This set is perfect for someone that is starting to build her makeup collection! Or for anyone looking to step up into Too Faced's price point 👀
It’s such a complete palette! From eyeshadows to blush and bronzer you will have them covered! And such an amazing price point! 💸

• IT Brushes Rose Gold Eye Brush Set: $40 / $68 value
This is just the perfect gift, personally it hurts my wallet every time I buy makeup brushes for myself, so if somebody gave me this as a gift I would be delighted! 🥰 
IT brushes are top quality, super soft and work amazing.

UNDER $100
• Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara Vault - $78 / $130 value
This mascara makes your lashes look like falsies👌🏼 totally recommend it’s a favorite of a lot of my friends if you have that one friend that you know loves this mascara this vault would be amazing for her, or even to give them to separate people in a little goodie bag would be good as well! 

• Mac Limited Edition Surefire Hit Mini Lipstick x12 Vault - 74.50 / $158 value
The perfect gift for a lipstick lover! Mac cosmetics lipstick formula glides like butter on your lips and also have a cake-like smell that I love! Super pigmented formula 💕

•Benefit Cosmetics Superstar Wardrobe Minis Makeup Value Set: $90 / $201 Value
Such a complete gift, this set has you covered! Perfect for a Benefit lover, or even if they’re starting with makeup, I’m sure they would really appreciate this gift! 💕✨

What gift sets are you eyeing this season? 💕

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  • Lori Testy

    There are sooo many great gifts or just for yourself things on Ulta! I just got my order yesterday that I placed less than a week ago. I got a FREE Kylie lip kit and also with a $70 order, I got a FREE beauty bag (large sized make up bag) filled with 23 samples. There were a choice of 4 different bags with different items in each. I also got $10 off coupon code. Look up different codes online. I also FREE shipping . I got 21 items for $81.80 and that was with the tax. I think Ulta has stepped it up a lot and they have better sales and discounts than Sephora has been having. Anyone who loves make up, needs to check out all the great bargains at Ulta.

  • Rita Whirls

    Great post. I like all the information. I want to try some of these products.

  • Vernita

    With everything bottled up inside one box of goodies I think the package for $90 makes the best beauty gift.Where could you go wrong besides color but if the person your gifting is a beautiologist they have these things in a safe place. Yessss it’s starting to feel like black friday

  • Leylers

    Awesome - thank you for putting such a great list together. I definitely have some great gift ideas now .. love giving self-care!

  • Laura

    They all look amazing 😍

  • Denise Dunn

    Oh i wanna try~!

  • Tracy Pittman

    Wow I like all of them

  • Marlena Fannin

    Wow! Yes, it does seem like from all the advertisements that Black Friday will be here all month. On your list of products I would most love to receive the IT brush set. I have wanted a matching set of brushes for a long time. Thanks for sharing 😉.

  • Nicole Beam

    I have been eyeing all the too faced deals. Especially the too faced enchanted wonderland set. Love it.

  • Misha Shah

    I will have to check out these deals! 2020 has been a great year to get great deals on all things beauty!

  • Micheala

    I have been snagging a few holiday deals. Thanks so much for letting us know. Thanks for the review

  • Esther

    Amazing ! I love the holiday because everything looks so cute and the packaging its so pretty. I’ll definitely enjoy either the benefit package or the makeup brushes

  • Madison

    The Too Faced Mascara Vault is really cool. Although really expensive for me, I really hate the trouble of putting on false lashes.

  • emma

    The Too Faced mascara vault!!

  • Rose Katz

    🦋All of these products are amazing! I love your review of all of them. I am always looking for more Nyx eyeliners or any other brand that has bright, colorful eyeliners. Thanks for the great review! 🦋

  • Diana Hoffmann Laursen

    There is so many of them i would love to give ,the too faceed liquid lipstick set to $25 ,and the Mac mini lipstick valut to $74,50 ,and of course the Benefit superstar makeup set to $90 ,but I do think that all the gifts is amazing ,I would love to get them my self :) and I would go for things I know is good ,and I love and wear :) thank you for the good post 🎁

  • Lisa Navas

    The best gifts are gift cards so everyone can choose their own makeup, we all have different styles in My family so all the makeup wearer's are getting Ulta gift from me 🎁💄👩‍🎤💅

  • Patricia

    There's definitely tons of great deals on makeup sets everywhere, those Too Faced sets are really nice value sets, I love the MAC lipstick set but I have a ton of lipsticks that their only purpose is to stain my face masks, I'm investing more on skincare value sets this year without a doubt, thank you for a great post!

  • Deanna Straub

    All great gifts! So much fun! Thank you

  • Pauline

    Wow hold me back and put on the breaks for these honeys. The Christmas Gift Guide and heaven scent. Love all these beautiful gift ideas! Thanks Christine for saying we got free rewards product missing! Fill us up so we can dream. Thanks for this Christmas posted review.

  • Christine Czaiczynski

    Has anyone here been taking advantage of the free rewards with your points? I noticed the rewards are getting very slim and I'm wondering are they going to get new ones or once they are gone will there not be any more?

  • Hallie

    I would like the British Rose set. My sil would take everything here! These are great ideas. I am so glad companies are spreading out their "black Friday" sales all month long. The actual day is a madhouse to be avoided. I hope they keep up this trend because there is no reason to cause a store crush.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Thank you for the gift giving ideas. I would think any self care item is the perfect gift to give.

  • Brittani Smock

    I would love everything! I would be super excited to use Too Faced products for the first time!