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There are whole flowers in there?😱🌷

How cute is this packaging?? 🌸🌺🌷 @blossomisbeauty is a beauty brand that focuses on fun products that are perfect for any busy lifestyle! They make everything from lip balms to nail products to skincare, each embedded with colorful flowery elements that bring a trendy, Gen Zish vibe. They kindly let me try some items from their site, and here are my thoughts! 🎁 🌺Honey Jasmine Roll-On Perfume Oil: I love that all of their products are so travel friendly! This roller perfume fits perfectly in my purse, making it great for a mid-date refresh! 👛The scent is super sweet, but I actually really liked it. It reminds me more of candy 🍭 or honey 🍯 rather than jasmine, but still smells amazing! 🌺Color-Changing Crystal Lip Balm: Okay this is so cool. There’s a tiny red flower embedded in the balm itself, and since the balm is clear, the flower is perfectly visible. 🌷It’s so visually stunning, but also gives me the perfect pH-reactive pink tint while hydrating my lips! 🌺Unicorn Strawberry Lip Gloss: How cute are those mini unicorns on the glass tube? I honestly picked this out just for the unicorns, but omg this gloss smells amazing! It reminds me of a strawberry ring pop!🍓💍😂The gloss leaves behind a nice shine, and isn’t sticky which is always a plus. 🌺Eye Serum: So this was an interesting product for me. It has kalpariane (brown seaweed), rosehip, and cucumber oils to help firm, protect, and moisturize the skin. I found this to be too oily for my under eyes, especially in summer, but it was deeply hydrating! Would definitely want to try using this in the winter when it’s cold and dry af! 🥶

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