This balm with litterally make you shine

I recently received the Touch in SOL Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm. Made by the Korean skincare/cosmetic company Touch in SOL this multi-tasking balm is sure to impress. SOL is known for its innovative products and according to their website strive to bring a little fun into their customer's beauty routines. 

Weighing in at: 1.05 oz/ 30 g - this product retails for $32.00 on

This product is absolutely beautiful! I also have to add although 1.05 oz may not seem like alot I promise with this product it is as a little goes a very, very long way. This balm is not just a balm in fact it is a multi-tasking radiant enhancing highlighting primer.  There are so many ways this product can be used

  1. As a primer
  2. As a complexion and radiance-enhancing moisturizer
  3. A skin Balm
  4. A beautiful highlighter (that doesn't leave your skin sticky or oily like many cream highlights tend to) - this is my personal favorite use.
  5. A Glow cream

My personal favorite use of this product is as a natural dewy looking highlighter (which I have swatched on my hand in the picture below). To be quite honest I am obsessed with how this allows the light to bounce off your skin leaving you to appear as quite literally glowing and sparkling. I have to say it is one of the most beautiful highlights I have used.   Overall, I can not recommend this multi-functioning product to you enough!


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