This Is My First Experience With A Powder Face Wash ( How Exciting 😊)

This will be my first time ever using an enzyme powder face wash and I have to admit I really like it a lot. It seems to be a fairly gentle way of cleansing the skin and it doesn’t strip the skin whatsoever which is pretty fantastic. The brand is mother made and considering I pretty much enjoy using most if not all of their products I had high expectations of this particular product. This powder wash contains active charcoal and papaya enzymes. It is water activated and very mild on skin. I personally feel as though this face wash would be good for all skin types. It doesn’t really build up any kind of foam or lather but it does leave my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. The active charcoal helps to purify the skin and clean deep down within the pores. It also helps to remove excess oils within the skin. The papaya in this face wash works as a gentle exfoliant. Basically buffing away dead skin cells and impurities to combat dullness. The papaya enzymes help regenerate the skin and reveal an overall healthy complexion. Their is also a hint of aloe extract in this face wash to help soothe and calm skin while working to help maintain skins hydration levels. This face wash is cruelty free, has Neutral PH, and doesn’t contain any harsh surfactants. I’m definitely a fan of this face wash and very great full that I had the opportunity to try it. Definitely recommend trying it out. 

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