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This serum is great for compromised skin types

This product arrived in my Prismpop tester bag. I have oily skin with large pores and random breakouts. I use a wide variety of products and am open to trying anything! I often use an item one time and toss it due to unsatisfactory experiences. This product is great as an alternative for a moisturizer! The consistency is water like and does not have a fragrance! This product is derived from natural sources and quickly melted into my skin and provides a hydration with out a greasy feel as a cream like moisturizer does. This makes my skin look like it's glowing! I would definitely consider purchasing this product yet it is a bit high for my budget at $110.00. 

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  • Amanda Lingle

    This seems like everyone is loving it. Such rave reviews for this bell pepper serum. It leaves your skin feeling amazing. Did you try the 🍅 serum yet? That one is fantastic also and has a little thicker texture.

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