This Skincare Routine Got Rid of My Acne Final Part 😍

PART 1 Oil Cleanse
PART 2 Cleanser
PART 3 Retinoid
PART 4 Niacinamide
PART 5 Essence
This skincare routine has DRAMATICALLY improved my skin, especially with acne. Before, my chin and forehead would always have spots. Recently I haven't had a single pimple. All I have left are some really small dots on my forehead from clogged pores. I think my pigmentation from past acne has faded faster because of the products I used.
The LAST step of my routine is moisturizer! Gotta seal in all the goodness that I just applied. 

⭐The product I use is Cerave PM Facial Moisturizing Lotion.
🤑$15.99 At Target. I think it's a decent price. 
⭐It's a no frills moisturizer that get's the job done. It simply moisturizes my skin for the nighttime. Maybe there are benefits with the ingredients (hylauronic acid, niacinamide, ceramides), but I don't notice a significant difference. It's very non-problematic so I feel that it would be perfect for sensitive skin. 
Thanks for watching my skincare routine ðŸ˜ Did you watch all the steps?! They are all linked above so check em out! 
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  • sally peabody

    I have used this product. I have dry skin. when used after a good serum I feel it gives me plenty of hydration and the ingredients are some of my favorites so give this a big like. Thank you great review

  • Rhea

    I’ve honestly never thought of using a product such as this one, I’ve fought with acne and blemished skin for must of my teen hears and into adulthood, and I’ve found that Mario Badescu products help. I’ve not indulged in the higher priced products but the drying cream, spot treatment, and enzyme toner worked. The Dermalogica scrub also helps during winter (which the full size is 58 but lasts for forever!)

  • Joann

    Would love to try

  • Rachel mello

    I will be picking some of this up,as I am disappointed in my night time routine