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Tokyo drifting on my eyes... Nomad Tokyo palette has it all

This palette contains 15 vibrant colors; The first row has 5 bright matte colors and the best part is this row has a cat stamped on each color that is smiling. I did not use this row for this look.

💗The second row contain 5 shimmers/Matte colors and this is the row I used for my look you see here.

💗The last row of 5 is all glitter ✨ which you can use dry or Wet your eye shadow brush for a intense color that lasts forever.

💗packaging is so cute and I love the mirror in the palette it's big 

💗 Palette is easy to hold also which I love and I love to display my pretty makeup and skincare.

💗Palette retails for about $38.00


You will not be upset with this palette 

I used the color Hanami on my brow bone since I'm in my 40's you want to create the illusion everything is not sagging and placing the color on the brow bone doesn't make my eyes look set in or darker.

then I used the Gyaru to blend the colors together and I also used my finger a bit to pay some of the color to get a more intense look.


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  • Kelly K

    This is the second time I've seen this this week lol! It's calling my name! 😁 Those are some pretty shades.

  • Maggie

    oooo very cute! nice job!! thank you for the breakdown. cute little kitty statuette or whatever that glittery thing is! 💕