Is this the Perfect Brush Set? Tools of the Trade

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Mine was unbelievably good. Have you ever window shopped online, found the perfect thing, and put it aside because you couldn't justify spending that amount on yourself? Me too. I had done just that with the Morphe Make-up Artist Brush Collection weeks ago, resigning myself to a while longer with the same tired set I'd been using for the better part of five years. 

Then it happened.

Mothers day weekend came, and little did I know THIS...

...was the surprise my family had been so excitedly anxious for me to open! I was SHOOK ya'll! I mean, look at the detail in these!




Oh, theres more!


Last one! 

This make-up brush set includes 20 brushes, with 21 brush heads. The eyebrow brush is duel ended, containing a spoolie for eyebrow shaping. With the brushes, you also get a portfolio case that when folded creates a stand for displaying the brushes. 

  • Round Deluxe Blender Brush (Synthetic): For a look that’s snatched AF grab this all-in-one blender and forget about harsh lines.
  • Wide Angle Foundation Brush (Synthetic): Foundation, bronzer, and contour have met their match—this brush can find every last spot on your face and blend to perfection.
  • Precision Pointed Powder Brush (Synthetic): Powder can be messy, but this brush keeps it clean with precise diffusion that stays in its lane.
  • Angled Contour Brush (Synthetic): Made to hug jawlines, conform to curves, and blend out perfect contour, this brush is a true ride-or-die. 
  • Under Eye Bullet Brush (Synthetic): Get flawless under eye concealer and detailed blending that will help disguise those late nights.
  • Highlight Definer Brush (Synthetic): Glow get it, babe—this brush will keep your highlight exactly where it’s supposed to be.
  • Large Round Blender Brush (Synthetic): Show ‘em hues in charge with perfectly blended shadow and highlight that’s like a dream come true.
  • Round Blender Brush (Synthetic): This dense little brush picks up pigment like nobody’s business, and then puts it down with expert precision.
  • Tapered Blender Brush (Synthetic): Go into the details with this tapered brush that works the crease for smooth transitions.
  • Oval Shadow Brush (Synthetic): Pack it on with an oval brush that’s designed to layer on the pigment for larger-than-life color.
  • Angled Concealer Brush (Synthetic): Imperfections? Don’t know ‘em. This concealer brush has an angled edge that is just right for blending in cream formulas to create a flawless finish.
  • Pointed Deluxe Blender Brush (Synthetic): Find your flare with this long fluffy brush for softly blended color and show-stopping gradients.
  • Detail Round Blender Brush (Synthetic): Buff out the crease no matter your eye shape with this slightly tapered diffusing genius.
  • Firm Shadow Brush (Synthetic): Say hello to shimmer—this firm brush loves all things glittery and packs it in tight.
  • Medium Oval Shadow Brush (Synthetic): For all-over color or a smoked out lower lash line, grab this artist’s essential oval brush.
  • Precision Pencil Crease Brush (Synthetic): This one’s for the corners, the creases, and the oh-so tiny areas that other brushes just can’t reach. 
  • Smudger Brush (Synthetic): Where there’s smoke the look is fire, and luckily this smudger is designed to smoke it out.
  • Angle Liner/Spoolie Brush (Synthetic): Insta-worthy brows are effortless with this two-in-one boss brush that gives defined lines and sculpted shape.
  • Detail Liner Brush (Synthetic): Earn your wings with this artist-inspired detail brush for skillful lines every. Single. Time.
  • Pro Round Blender Brush (Synthetic): Sweep on the pigment or blend it out with this soft, domed brush that can tag-team highlight and shadow.
  • Portfolio Case

The Good

This kit comes with every brush I could possibly need for a full face of make up. While this set could potentially be intimidating for a beginner, at 20 brushes, its expansive enough for someone with a moderate or expert level of experience. The bristles are all synthetic, which means they won't absorb product & are cruelty free (a major plus!) They are incredibly soft, and sculpted perfectly into the ideal shape for their purpose. The handles aren’t excessively heavy, but have a nice weight to them that gives the impression that this is a quality set of brushes. The design and coloring of both the bristles and brush handles are minimalistic in design, giving a coordinated look to the set as a whole. It looks incredibly professional sitting on my makeup desk! 

The Bad

The portfolio case, while being beautifully crafted to fit this particular set perfectly had a strong chemical odor when first unwrapped. It dissipated within an hour or so, but was pretty overwhelming at first. Luckily, this scent hadn't transferred to the brushes themselves, only the case. The price of this set is currently $78, with a value of $217. While not the most expensive of sets available, it is on the higher end. While I think the cost is made up for in quality of craftsmanship, it may be a dealbreaker for the beauty enthusiast on a budget. Lastly, unlike other Morphe sets, The MUA Life Brush Collection does not have individual labeling on the brushes. 

The Verdict

In my opinion, this make-up brush set is a good value for the price. Although the initial investment of $78 is somewhat daunting, for 20 brushes it comes out to $3.90/per brush. With proper brush maintenance, I think these brushes will keep their quality for years to come. They are exquisitely crafted, with a softness that bunnies and clouds could only aspire to, with handles that have the right weight and balance to them to provide an ergonomic and luxe experience. I would prefer the brushes be labeled, however it's not enough of an inconvenience to regret this set in the slightest. The blending capability of these brushes is unmatched in my experience, they soften eyeshadow lines with minimal effort and I've noticed reduced fallout (less waste, yay!) from all of my powder formulated products. I give the MUA Life Brush set from Morphe a solid seal of approval!


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  • Quajhonita Feather soft on my face. The blending brushes blend like it’s their professional jobs on the line. The foundation brush; be still my beating heart. My skin was flawless. Now it’s perfection. I love this set to pieces. Sometimes I even take it out just to stare and marvel at the fabulousness of them. Great job Morphe!

  • Amber

    Beautiful! Great review, might have to try!! Thanks for sharing. 🖤

  • Jenn

    Very healthy review!! 😊😊TY

  • Charee

    Awesome review. Great detail! Want to try!

  • Lizette

    Want! Convinced me and want to buy these brushes!!

  • Ana Moreno


  • Andrea Gantz

    Awesome brushes!!!!

  • Jenn

    Thanks for the awesome review!!!!

  • theresa

    so many brushes i would love to have this in my collection it is a reasonable price when you think about the brushes being 3.90 each. do you have any favorite brushes from this collection since there are so many ? would you recommend these brushes for beginners?

  • Y-D-O-J

    Wow excellent review! I love these brushes. You really explained everything that could be explained about them🤗🤗🤗

  • Sheryl Stephan

    Thank u for the review! Very informative! These brushes are definitely a plus for having makeup come out the way it’s intended to.

  • Brandi Wells

    Awesome detailed review.

  • Jessica Bryant

    So thought out! Although if you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming of these FOREVER! This is an excellent review! 😍😍

  • Tanmaya

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  • Ne' Ne'

    Wow. Great review i love this set and need this in my life a.s.a.p. tysm

  • Rachel Lokos

    These look incredible I am in LOVE with how perfectly angled the one brush is. Thank you so much for this review. ❤️

  • Sindra ~

    Very nice review I must for all the brushes they would.last me a life time.i blush brush all the time it works w all my make not an athusinist for make up granted but I do put mak up on when going out to the store running around I just don't want to be seen in public w no make up even just a little bit of eye liner I'm good.thats why I couldn't spend that kind of money on make up brushes they are nice but not that nice..I'm not against buying the make up brushes but they just are not for me..

  • Joylynn Grindle

    What a great review. Thank you so much I can't wait to get some new brushes might check Morphe out

  • Tracey Madden

    Very nice brushes and I got some awesome brushes just like these ones from WISH .. paid $1.00 for all the brushes and the pouch that holds them and I believe I paid $1.00 for shipping :)

  • Christian Callaway

    I love how these brushes look! I would love to get this makeup brush set. I am currently using Fenty Beauty brushes but am looking for new ones to get since i've had these for awhile. Thank you for your helpful review and I love the close up pictures of the brushes!

  • Tracey79

    I'm beyond jealous!😍😍😍 I need this!! Thanks for the great review. I love how you actually broke it down to each brush not just a general over all review!

  • Jacqueline Lowery

    Great review. I like the brushes but too expensive for me

  • Misty

    I love brushes just not in my price range atm, but they look awesome😍

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