Touch In Sol Mission Complete Gel Mask

*Mission Complete Mild Scrub & Peeling BLACK GEL MASK*

  • Price: $22 US Dollars.
  • Product Claims: Black powder peeling gel that exfoliates and cleases the skin surface like an eraser, leaving your skin smooth and luminous. 

*My Experience*

       I have very sensitve skin, thefore I am not a very big fan of Scrubs because they tend to break me out and make my skin a little dryer than usual. This particular product made my skin feel soft and it definately had a glow after, it looked like I had applied a serum or mousterizer, but it was actually just this product on its own fresh out the shower. 

My skin hasn't broken out at any point after trying it for the past  8 days. My skin feels smooth and hydrated.




The formula on this product is definately soft, some scrubs can feel like your adding sand to your face and sometimes scratches as your massaging it in, this one didn't do that. The only negative thing I will have to say about this product is that it claims to be a foaming gel and it definately isn't, but thats not a necessity for me and if it isn't for you either then go and buy it. :)

  • Will I repurchase this product? Yes
  • Do I recommend this product? Yes, this product worked well for me and I have dry, sensitve skin. 

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  • Kenzi

    I love how at the end you put whether or not you would purchase the product that's a great addition to your review. Great Job