Touch in Sol Tester Bag

I was so happy that I got selected for the Tester Bag for Touch in SOL.

I absolutely love the bag. All the products individually are very amazing.

Each of the products in the bag is very different from each other and all the products are so helpful in creating different looks. 

It has been rightly said that for a flawless makeup you need to have a flawless skin and to achieve that these products helped me a lot.

SO, without further ado, I would like to introduce the products:

  • No Problem Primer
  • Mission Complete Mild Scrub
  • All-In-One Beauty Aid Cream
  • Pretty Filter Glassy Skin Balm
  • No Problem Prime Essence

This bag has three primers, a multipurpose cream and an exfoliating scrub.

I will be reviewing all these products individually, so make sure you encourage me by commenting and liking my post.

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