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Touch in Sol Tester Bag Review

Touch in Sol Mild Scrub and Peeling Black Gel Mask: (Aprox. $22)

A super gentle black exfoliating charcoal gel that cleanses and exfoliates the skin, revealing smooth, soft skin. This gel was one of the most unique products that I have ever tried, because literally it reacted to my skin as an eraser, and the more that I rubbed the product into my skin, the more that it "erased and removed" my dead skin cells. This gel doesn't really have a smell to it and the thing that I really liked about this cleanser is how soft my skin felt after each and every use.

All in 1 Beauty Aid Cream (Aprox. $32)

A super moisturizing ceramide cream that infuses the skin with much needed moisture thanks to the natural botanicals of olive, walnut, and hazel. These ingredients create not only one barrier but a triple barrier shield to help prevent moisture loss. This cream is suitable for all skin types but it's very useful for dry, dehydrated, and sensitive skin. I love how lightweight this cream is and how balanced, soft, and toned my skin looks and feels. In regards to scent, there really wasn't one so it's perfect if you aren't keen on fragrance in skincare.

No pore balm prime essence (Aprox. $23)

This essence is infused with calendula flower extract which helps to minimize pores and smooth skin texture. It leaves you with a bright and dewy finish. This essence has the coolest packaging that I have ever seen! It has the shape and form of a needle which makes it very easy to maneuver around my face! I actually like how the design allows for you to get into the bridges of your nose with so much ease. This essence adds an extra boost of moisture to my skin and I really love it!

No pore blem primer (Aprox. $18)

Super lightweight formula that provides the perfect canvas for pre-makeup application! This primer is infused with green tea extract that helps to brighten the skin plus is also infused with collagen and helps infuse the skin with moisture. This primer covers pores and uneven texture whilst giving your skin a beautiful dewy glow. I love this beautiful primer and I noticed that my makeup stayed flawless even with the 90' temperatures! My skin is oily and this primer didn't make my skin any more oily which is something that truly amazed me!

Pretty filter glassy skin balm (Aprox. $32)

Super hydrating balm that melts into your skin and leaves your skin super dewy and glowy! Infused with 5 types of hyaluronic acid, phytosqualene, and damask rose water this balm doubles as a moisturizer and primer. I have to say that this product was my favorite one of all because it actually did give my skin the "glass skin" look and feel! It smells amazing and simply has made my skin super soft and uniformly toned.

I loved having the chance to review all of these beauties! I love kbeauty and am amazed how well all of these products work together. Which of these products would you like to try?


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