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#TouchInSol tester bag unboxing

Hey PrismPop, I'm super late with this unboxing but I was injured a couple weeks ago and ended up having surgery on my left hand and was on bed rest until yesterday. So now that I'm feeling better I can finally tell you just how great these products are. 

So this tester bag included 5 items:

Touch In Sol : Pretty filter glassy skin balm...this is a dewy finish primer. On the label it is described as .."An ultra-hydrating priming skin balm with a sensationally smooth texture that melts into your skin and creates the ultimate glow"

Touch In Sol: No Poreblem primer...this is more of a matte finish primer. On the label it is described as.."An airy, smooth make-up primer that covers pores and areas of uneven texture, giving a perfect and seamless coverage for all-day wear. Primer is infused with green tea extracts and collagen that helps skin hydrated and oil-controlling powders for a longer lasting make-up."

Touch In Sol: No Poreblem prime essence. The label describes it as a ..."Prime essence infused with Calendula officinalis flower extract tightens up the pores and keeps the skin silky and smooth for better and longer lasting make-up."

Touch In Sol: All in 1 Beauty Aid cream...this is an all in 1 moisturizer. The label describes it as an "All in 1 beauty aid cream containing ceramide NP gives ultra-rich moisture and the natural extracts of central asiatica and portulaca oleracea relieve your stressed skin. Non oily formula is designed to help your skin to be perfectly ready for long lasting makeup." 

Touch In Sol: Mission complete (mild scrub and peeling black gel mask) The label describes it as " A black powder peeling gel that cleanses the surface of your skin, wipes out dead skin cells like an eraser and smoothes skin condition."


I loved each and every one of these products and find myself integrating them into my routine. I will be posting a more in depth honest review about each product, how it compares to my other products, how well it performs and any other thoughts I may have about the product. 

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