Refresh & Hydrate with this Rose Water Spray from Trader Joe's!

Hey everyone, Tori here with another video on PrismPop. Today I am going to use the Rose Water Facial Toner by Trader Joe's! Who knew you could get skincare at the grocery store?? 🤔
I love this product because...
🤑 Super cheap
🐰 NO animal testing
👍 Love the spray top - so convenient!
💦 The spray area is large, which is very helpful.
The experience...
🌹 Smells like roses and kind of minty!
✨ Result: Glowy & Dewy complexion!
This is something that's great throughout the day for a little refresher and a nice pick-me-up!
If you wanna try this, click the 😍 "I Wanna Try" button!
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