Transform + Nourish Yourself on Dull, Dry Skin Days


Since I live in California, the air sometimes can make my skin a bit dry. It’s funny--whenever I’m indoors, my skin is super oily, but if I spend the morning outside, I find my skin gets extremely dry. If you’re someone that struggles with dry skin, I’m here to share with you a 2-solution mask that is perfect to amp up the moisture in your skin! Fun fact: it’s moisturized me more than any of my creams ever have.

I’m talking about the Primera 10-Seed Nourishing Modeling Maskwhich I shared a bit about before on my Instagram (on stories--see my "Beauty" highlight).


What really fascinated me about this product at first was the idea that beyond just giving a moisturized effect, it actually does nourish and get rid of dullness. No surprise, I guess--the first solution has a blend of 10 different seed oils! 


To apply:

  1. Keep the cup and spoon aside

  2. Take out Solution 1, and pour it into the cup

  3. Take out Solution 2, and pour that into the cup

  4. Mix both together with the spoon

  5. Apply the mask evenly over your face using the spoon

  6. Let the mask sit for 20-30 minutes (I did exactly 25)

  7. Peel the mask off & dust off the excess on your hands (preferably over a sink or trash can)

  8. Rub the rest of the moisture into your face and neck


And voila! You’re probably feeling extra nourished, refreshed, and moisturized, and your skin is giving you a big fat thank you :)




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