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Travel Beauty Must-Haves from a Professional MUA

Hey PrismPop, 
I went on a group road trip recently to Palm Springs and, wanting to take tons of cute pictures, I needed to pack ALL of my makeup essentials! And as a professional MUA... that's kind of a lot 😁
You see... it's not only the makeup that's essential to me but a comfortable workspace, too! No matter where I'm at (airBNB, hotel room, wherever) I like to be comfortable and sitting down like how I do at home... because we all know, getting cute is a process! 💄
Also, I've found that sharing a bathroom with three or four other girls on a trip doesn't give you a lot of time with the bathroom mirror and sink vanity.
And that’s IF the sink has counter space attached to it to begin with.... (If the sink doesn’t have counter space, where do you set your makeup?! I personally do not like placing my items on top of the toilet... that's just me though) 
Therefore, I have decided to share my personal must-have travel essentials with all of you. These items make traveling and getting ready so much easier when it comes to makeup! 

First thing's first, I have GOT to have my Caboodle!
It's essentially a makeup case with a handle but it makes it much easier to carry as much makeup with me as possible. 💪
I have all my daily makeup essentials (primer, foundation, blush, translucent powder, eyeliner, mascara, etc.) plus more. I can even fit eyeshadow palettes, as well!
My caboodle also has a mirror attached! 🤩

Next, I always travel with my Impressions Vanity TOUCH 2.0 DIMMABLE LED MAKEUP MIRROR.
I know I said my caboodle has a mirror attached, but I absolutely need to pack this mirror with me, as well. Sometimes my caboodle is not small enough to sit on top of something stable so I can't bring the attached mirror to my eye level. This portable Impressions mirror can be placed practically anywhere. 
When I'm looking for a spot to put on my makeup, I like to find an area with natural light, table space, and a chair (this usually ends up being the dining room table). I just sit my mirror right on top of the table and get to work!
It works out because instead of hogging the bathroom mirror, I free up the bathroom area for others to shower and get ready. 🚿
My Tip: If the lights aren’t working or your batteries are dead, it’s very simple to sit your phone on the mirror's ledge and use the flash light from your phone.) 

Ok, the third item that is absolutely essential while traveling is my Laruce Rennie Cup brush case.
This cup is handy because it carries all of my brushes and it keeps my brushes as clean as they were when I had placed them in this cup.
It also makes sure the brushes keep their shape and form. How many brushes have you seen thrown into a makeup bag where the powder in a compact breaks, then the brushes get all dirty and even bent out of shape? I've seen plenty... This brush cup prevents all of that from happening.
The cup is a shell for your brushes! 

Last, but certainly not least, the ultimate travel essential that everyone needs to seriously consider having in their travel bags is the Z-Palette Travel Jars.
This will blow your mind if you have never seen them! 🤯
With these travel jars, you can condense all of your liquid, cream, and powder makeup into each of these little jars and carry way less cosmetic containers with you.
Say you are heading out on a weekend getaway like I did: you don’t need to carry every ounce of makeup with you.
With these jars, you can simply pour a few days' worth of product into these travel jars and only take what you need! 
✈️ Another example of how these little jars come in handy - if flying somewhere (meaning you can only carry 3 ounces or less) or if I'm going somewhere and don’t want to take my entire caboodle with me, I just pour or place enough moisturizer, primer, liquid foundation, cream concealer, and loose translucent powder in each of their own separate travel jars, and it saves me so much space!
I can leave the original, full-size makeup containers at home! 
✨ And it doesn’t end there-you can carry practically anything in these jars, including false lashes, loose glitter, and rhinestones!!!
Check these travel jars out because they are a space-saver and they are SOO worth getting for your travel needs!

Hope you enjoyed my travel must-haves! How do you adjust your collection when you have to do your makeup away from home? Let me know your tips!!

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  • Brittany S

    Caboodles are everything, so much space in them. I also use the same mirror as you. Super convenient, I love how you can rotate it too, for it to be wider or taller. My light is not working though so thanks for the tip xo

  • Amanda Grady

    Would love to try! I always wanted 1 when I was 16.

  • Virgen Petez

    My cleaners toner primer mounturizer .oils and my base. My mascara a tree lipsticks.....of course space for vitamins and toiletries

  • Mariangel Carmona

    You thought of everything! I just take face powder, blush, lipstick, brow powder and clear mascara on my trips and basically puty makeup on the car.

  • Yajaira Hernandez

    I usually bring travel size for all my essential products.

  • daniyaal

    i want to try these products

  • daniyaal

    love your posts they are so cute and nice

  • Rita Whirls

    Nice review. These are products I want to try. I need something to keep my makeup in order.

  • Sorayah

    These are great i still have mine from like 15 years ago. Lol

  • LodemaWalker

    these caboodle are such a nice thing to keep all your make up in one place were it's all easy to find

  • Lovie Croll

    I also us a caboodle myself, I love how much it holds and it's very convenient. I have a makeup bag also for other makeup items and hair care items. Your post was very informative, I loved reading all your suggestions. I think the Multi-Tasking travel jars are an awesome idea, Thank you! I'm planning on trying them and also the Impressions Vanity LED MAkE UP MIRROR sounds like a great idea , I'll be checking it out! :)

  • Mykala

    🤯 OMG I LOVE that 2 tone caboodle. The colors go well together, I definitely need to purchase SOON!!

  • San

    I only carry (for now) mascara, lipstick and face products. I'm always on the go. When my baby gets a little bigger, I will go completely to the glam life again.

  • Angela Trovato

    I have had a caboodle carrying case for years. It hold everything I need for travel including shampoo and my flat iron. I never travel without it!

  • Ja-Nee

    This is so amazing and convenient. I usually bag a small bag with skincare and foundation, one small eyeshadow palette and a brow pencil. .

  • Chelsey

    The lighted vanity mirror is a great idea. I would add q-tips, scotch tape or cards for perfect eyeliner wings, sharpener, eyebrow stencil, face razor, tweezers, liquid makeup remover and makeup remover wipes to my travel makeup bag. They help fix mistakes, unwanted facial hair and make applying and removing makeup perfect and quick.

  • Marlena Fannin

    Great review 👍 girl! I can guess you take alot of trips. I usually just take a makeup bag with my bare essentials like foundation, face powder, eyeliner, eye shadows, blush, lipstick, n highlighters. Then I need the basics for morning n evening cleansing. Lastly, I need my brush and pick with shampoo n conditioner and hair accessories. I suppose I would put all these items n a small travel bag. Thanks for sharing.

  • Pauline

    Love all these suggestions we have a beauty store that usually offers all these items. I have never owned the Caboodle and I must have this handy makeup case. With all that's going on with PrismPop I need to store all my products. I love the Makeup Mirror and want to try this out as well. Definitely can use a travel jar too. Great review and thanks for sharing.

  • Sonja

    Love it! Caboodles are so cute unfortunately i have not owned one but hace a travel make up box. And the travel jars are great and see through. Love travel friendly products it makes packing easier.

  • Jessica Pesso

    I have never used a caboodle before but they are so cute! When I'm traveling, I still bring full-sized products. I really narrow it down to the basics.

  • Amber

    What a great caboodle! And everything in it is 💣 I'm going to get some of those mini jars. I also keep q-tips with me at all times. They are great for touching up your makeup!

  • Stephanie Vargas

    Wow I really love the idea of these products mentioned above for traveling! When ever I travel somewhere away from home I like getting small containers and put my lotion, hair conditioner, shampoo, hair styling cream in there. I dont have to worry much about makeup because I simply just get my nude eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss and eyebrow pencil with me. I'll be worried if I had to put on a full face of makeup but luckily I'm good.