Trying a New Korean Face Mask - Farrah Abraham tries for first time!

Hey guys it’s Farrah, back again! 👋 Here with my second video on PrismPop!!!
Today I’m trying out another skincare product, this time by The Face Shop, a Korean Beauty brand with affordable quality skincare products. Don’t miss my last video trying out the Fountain of Truth Magic Wand Eye Roller! 👀
Here’s my review…
🙏 About The Product: Creamy, not too drippy, great for meditation. 
⏰ Application & Use: Apply for 10-20 minutes, or an hour!
☺️ One Tip: 
Good to use while you’re around the house, or if you need to annoy your boyfriend!
✨ Results: Makes my skin GLOW!
💭 Final Thoughts: You don’t need to like avocados to love this facemask! It makes my skin radiant! 
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