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Turn Heads with Milk Makeup’s Techno Glitter Stick

I’ve always been a fan of Milk Makeup; from the minimalistic packaging, to the cruelty free ingredients✅, this is a brand that gets me excited. And here’s why you should be too!
For the most part Milk Makeup provides easy to use on the go natural skin care products, but this techno glitter stick stands out (metaphorically and on your face). The glitter is super sparkly✨, it’s impossible not to notice. This stick is packed with rainbow, holographic glitter.
It’s supposed to be used as a highlighter, but honestly it’s a little too much for me (unless it’s Coachella weekend). I prefer to use it to draw more attention to an eye look by dabbing a little in the inner corner of my lid, or on the middle of my lid for dimension. A little goes a looong way with this product, I bought the miniature version and it’s still kicking on month three.
As usual, Milk Makeup used skin healthy ingredients to create this awesomely powerful glitter stick; using mango butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil (you know, among the metric truckload of glitter) this product nourishes my skin, glides on smooth, and lasts all night!
So would I recommend this product? Heck yeah! Maybe not for daytime use, but it’s a great product for upping you nighttime or festival look.
What do you think of the techno glitter stick? I’d love to hear how you use it, so comment below!

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  • Pauline

    Fun to wear when going out to the party at night. Glow and Glitter. Get for a holiday out.

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    Great review on this product. Always fun to hear about new products.

  • Anniikan

    Highly recommend! 👌🏻💯🗣 I actually own this product, which is exciting! Your review was spot on, even loved the idea of using it to draw attention like in the corner of the eyelid and for dimensions! 🔥 MILK MAKES THE BEST PRODUCTS!! 😍💕😄

  • Jennifer Henning

    Really pretty. Great review. I honestly dont think i own anything from milk make-up. They seems like cool and decent products

  • Serena

    Great review and I like your idea of dabbing it on inner lids for a more subtle effect. Maybe even a bit on collar bone area? Your nails look beautiful and match too. I definitely want to give it a try

  • Kelly K

    I love that. Never heard of it before until now. I'm going to have to go buy this. Thanks so much for sharing this and nice review!

  • Avary

    This looks so awesome! Love the packaging and the color 😍

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