Unbox With Me - Fab Fit Fun Editors Box July 2020 Edition

I was so excited when I checked my mail today, my Starter Box from Fab Fit Fun came in! 

What It Is

   The Fab Fit Fun Editors Box is an introductory box with four full size items, meant to give potential members an idea of what the subscription would be like. It potential items from catagories like makeup, skincare, personal care, household and even clothing. These items are curated by Fab Fit Fun staff, and unlike the seasonal box do not offer any customization options. 

How I Got it

   A friend that is a current Fab Fit Fun member gifted the box to me. I was sent a code from Fab Fit Fun that gave me the opportunity to try a box for only a $5.00 shipping and handling charge before potentially purchasing a larger seasonal box.

The Seasonal Box

   Fab Fit Fun Seasonal box is a quarterly subscription box (it comes 4 times a year) and costs 49.99. This subscription includes 8 to 9 full size items and the opportunity to shop the Fab Fit Fun sales. 

The Catch

   The Introductory Editors Box offer automatically enrolls you into the seasonal Fab Fit Fun membership, unless you cancel before the allotted time frame. This box also doesn't allow for any type of customization, unlike the seasonal box. 

The Products

Nails Inc Thirsty Hands Mask Duo - $16.00

     This two pack of hand masks incudes ingredients like Shea butter and vitamin E to provide a truly hydrating experience. What makes this hand mask different, is its touch screen friendly! Theres no need to pause life (and social media!) while wearing these you can keep scrolling!

Ish Hydra Lip Gloss & Liner - Luster - $10.00

   This duo is cruelty free, paraben free, gluten free, sufate free, and vegan! It includes Shea butter, making it extra moisturizing, and Bergamot oil provides antioxidants. 

Olive & Pique Lola Scarf - Charcoal - $84.00

 ​​​​   While I'm not sure I agree with the suggested retail value, it seems a bit high in my opinion, it is quite a nice scarf that has rich color, and feels soft and lightweight with a classic design. It also doubles as a small throw blanket, I can see myself getting quite a bit of use out of this product!

Skin&CO Roma Truffle Therapy Face Toner - $28.00

   Contains Truffle, Calendula, Niamicide, Aloe, Rose and Rosemary extracts to purify pores, and Witch Hazel and Sage to remove dead skin and bacteria to prevent future breakouts. 

The Verdict

  I think for only paying for shipping, I coudn't be happier with the box that I recieved from Fab Fit Fun. There was a variety of products, none of which I had previously tried. I really enjoy finding new brands and products, so this was a huge plus for me. I also ran into an issue with my time running out to decide if I wanted to continue my subscription before my Starter Box had arrived. I contacted customer service and explained that my box hadn't arrived yet, and requested an extention on the activation of my subscription. The person I dealt with was incredibly helpful and polite, and resolved the issue quicky. Between the excellent customer service experience and the variety and value of the products I made the choice to continue on with my subscription. Stay tuned for the Summer Box! 

Do you think the starter box was a good deal? Have you tried Fab Fit Fun? Let me know in the comments below & don't forget to react & follow if you enjoyed this post!

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  • Micheala

    I have heard about fab fit and I have been interested in trying out their stuff. this is a awesome box. you scored lol. Thank you for the amazing review