Unicorn Facemask: A Brief Ingredient Overview

Hey everyone! Welcome back for another look at ingredients in our face masks and skincare!
Today we look at SOO'AE NEW YORK's Unicorn Glow Hologram Mask!
FIRST: A few corrections from the video
*This is a a K-INSPIRED beauty brand
**the ingredient I mention is helpful for ANTI-OXIDENTS, not oxidents (whoops ^_^;)

The packaging for this product is VERY eye-catching, and has an obvious hologram appearance which shifts colors as you move it. This is intended to mirror the look of the alluminum-appearing mask inside, which also has a hologram look.
The mask itself is very fun looking, and includes LOADS of product in it, so much so my face was still soaked when removing it! Because of this, it did take longer than usual for my face to dry after using. There was also PLENTY of product left in the bag, if you want to put more on.
After use, I thought the mask did create a beaufiful, clearing look to my skin (as you can see in the video) but also left a sticky residue/feeling on my face. My solution to this (as discussed) is to put on a creamy lotion or moisturizer after the fact. If you are using this before putting on makeup, this may also help to prime your face for your foundation, but I did not try this so cannot say for certain.
I received SOO many skin masks lately, and do plan on going over most of them in this way. What ingredients do you like to see in your skincare or face masks? Let me know in the comments!
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