Unique face wash

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Recieved a sample in my PrismPop bag.

This came wrapped individually. For everyday it would be a waste. However, for traveling it is awesome. You just take a couple of these and saves roon in your bag.

You just add a few drops of water. It's pretty much clay. 

It has a nice earthy scent.

Clay is great for pulling bad stuff out of your pores. 

Afterwards my face felt fresh  and clean.

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  • sally peabody

    I agree with tou. I did like the uniqueness of this product. I would not use as my daily face wash. It was a combination exfoliator /mask if you did not use too much water. I avoided my eyes. i felt I would have cleansed first or used face wipes before using this. It does have treatment ingredients so I would use again but not daily.

  • Daisy

    I need to try those

  • Tina rose

    Ill half to try this out.