Urban Decay Naked Honey Palette SLAYS!



So I cannot say enough about this beautiful palette! The colors are neutral, but BOLD at the same time! Each color is vivid and they all work together. The colors in order are

⚡Flyby which is great for accentuating the brow bone


⚡Swarm Thus one and sweet are great transition shades




⚡Honey So golden and honey are beautiful when dabbed on the center of the lid using your finger

⚡Queen Personal fav of mine for creass



⚡Hbic I enjoy using Hive, Drip and HBIC for my office look

⚡Sting Looks amazing along lower lash lime

So I hope I have been some help if you have been on the fence about buying the Honey palette by UD. I really love the color payoff and the color story is beautiful. They work together and blend beautifully.

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