Versus: Kat Von D Liquid Liner Ink and Tattoo

Hello! So this post was conceived out of my confusion regarding these two eyeliners. I have been using Kat Von D’s Tattoo Liner which has become my HG (holy grail) liquid eyeliner. I’ve been seeing a couple of very positive reviews for Kat Von D’s Ink liner and curiosity got the best of me. So today, I’ll be breaking down the claims of these two eyeliners and giving my own thoughts!
Going into this comparison, I thought that the only difference between the two liners is that one has a brush tip (Tattoo) and one has a felt tip (Ink).
It’s pretty similar to Tattoo eh? I have used the Stila All Day Liner which is also a felt tip liner. In comparison, Ink is sooooo much better. I find Stila can dispense really watery at the beginning and the end of its life. But I digress. I found that Ink smudged so much more than Tattoo. I tested these a lot with one eye Tattoo one eye Ink, one day all Tattoo and one day all Ink. I noticed that Ink had smudged on my considerably more than Tattoo. It’s not as crazy as maybe a kohl pencil but still noticeable.


It might be hard to tell from this picture but Ink I noticed was a bit ‘blacker’ than Tattoo. Keep in mind, I’ve had Tattoo for months more than Ink. In all honesty, the swatches are pretty similar. You would be able to tell a huge difference I think.

⭐I think this picture shows both eyeliners in a nutshell. I drew these swatches on my arm at the same time so one liner had the same amount of drying time as the other. I soaked a cotton pad in tap water and applied medium pressure over the swatches.
⭐Tattoo on the left is much less ‘black’ than Ink, but if you look at the cotton pad, there is much less transfer from Tattoo than Ink. I haven’t tested these swimming or anything but I would say that these liners are both pretty waterproof. Just don’t rub your eyes when you have it around water.

⭐You have noooo idea how hard it was to take this picture. So what I noticed from the two when actually on my eye was that I could not get Ink as crisp as I could get Tattoo. I also noticed application wise that I had a bit more trouble with Ink than Tattoo. Matte-wise I would say that both are not matte, but Ink is a tad less shiny. I honestly wouldn’t pick one over the other if matte-ness was your main concern.
👍 Verdict: You might have guessed this already, but I would prefer Tattoo over Ink. I do want to iterate that Ink is a very very good eyeliner. It is very black which I love in my eyeliner. I just noticed on me personally with my eye shape, I got some smudging on my lower lash line much more prominently with Ink. I also find that I prefer the brush tip compared to the felt tip.
🎨Ink does have a LOT more colour selections if that’s what you’re after. I would say that these formulas are not exact but very very close. Last week I exchanged my full sized Ink liner for Tattoo.
So that was rather blabby! I hope this provided some insight on the two Kat Von D eyeliners though! Let me know if you have any questions about these liners, maybe I can help you out. Hope you have a wonderful day!

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