Vital-E Microbiome


I’m so excited to try out this Vital-E microbiome age defense cream from @peterthomasrothofficial! .
The microbiome is an invisible protective shield of “good” bacteria that resides on skin’s surface and is unique to you! Keeping your microbiome healthy and balanced helps defend skin from the look of environmental damage and premature aging. Vital-E™ helps fight against signs of aging from pollution, indoor/outdoor climate changes and blue light––external stressors that can weaken the microbiome.
Vital-E™ Microbiome Age Defense Cream is an anti-pollution, anti-blue light and anti-aging moisturizer that visibly helps repair and strengthen the skin barrier to support your skin's natural microbiome. .
• Gamma E Antioxidant Technology uses unparalleled antioxidative power to help improve and prevent the look of dullness, elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles from pollution and weather. • 3% Butterfly Ginger Root Extract helps detoxify the look of skin exposed to blue light. • Pre/Pro-Biodefense Complex and Fensebiome™ Peptide help enhance the look of micriobiome health. • Tucuma Butter moisturizes and improves hydration. .
The texture is the best its a solid to cream melts so beautifully into the skin. It feels incredibly light but so hydrating and smells amazing. I am excited to see the results. I love that so many brands are realizing the negitive effects of blue light and creating products to combat it. .
Thank you @peterthomasrothofficial for gifitng me these amazing product for review. #sponsoredpost . *This product launches in January 2020 @sephora. .
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