wake up those eyes! pt 2 audition makeup routine - concealer

part 2 of my go-to routine for an audition day.
IT Cosmetics bye bye undereye full coverage concealer.
even if you've had sleep this is a must have for a professional setting where you need to look your best.
definitely love it, doesn't need much.
how do you look your best for a meeting?? ❤️

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  • AngelaB2222

    Another IT Cosmetics product I need to try. I love their Celebration Foundation powder, it's so easy to use and looks great. Not too heavy, but still natural. IT Cosmetics has some extraordinary products. I love how the tiniest drop of that concealer goes so far. Wow!

  • Sarah

    I haven't tried this but I do use IT your skin but better cc cream and absolutely love it!! I'm definitely going to try this thanks so much

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