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Want clearer skin? Clean your BRUSHES first.🤯PrismPop Giveaway

Today's Giveaway: Win a Tatcha The Deep Cleanse Deluxe Sample 25ml, it's time to deep clean everything!
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🧐How often to you clean your brushes and tools? What method to you prefer? Any other product recommendations?
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➡️How I Clean My Makeup Brushes using this Electric Spinner Tool by Malvika
➡️Brush Cleaning Isn't a Hassle! Ft. Cinema Secrets by Kachina

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  • Serenity Espaillat

    No one is going to believe me but I really do clean my brushes after every use. I prefer using a brush cleaning pad with soap but I'm hoping soon, I can get a brush cleaning device that spins the brush around until it's clean and dries it the same way.

  • Elena

    After I use my brushes,sponges or anything I use On my face will get cleansed right away so it doesn't let bacteria grow

  • Rachael Pendleton

    I try to wash my makeup sponge daily and my brushes once a week. Lately I've been using the ELF solid cleanser which is affordable and works well.

  • Pam Jackson

    Congratulations ❤️Brinay❤️

  • Kelly Frable

    I don't have a brush cleaning routine. I usually just buy new brushes periodically.

  • Kelly K

    Congrats Brinay!! I would love, love, LOVE to win today's daily giveaway!! I just started using brushes (don't ask me why I've waited so long lol.) So I use just started using Elf daily brush cleaner. It's only $4 and so easy to use. It seems to clean them quite nicely. I prefer a solution rather then some of the other options out there. As far as product recommendations? I have a lot but it depends on what you your needs are. I love the Glossier Priming Moisturizer Rich Cream of you haven't already noticed lol and the Task Force Nine Cream is absolutely amazing (especially for redness or skin irritations!) I'm trying out this new Silk'n Titan device now and it's been giving me amazing results (a detailed review is coming soon.) Anyway, hope this helps. Have a great day everyone and an awesome weekend! Stay safe!

  • Lisa Barrett

    I clean probably once a month or unless I see that it needs to be done earlier. My eyeshadow brush I usually wipe off when done on a damp towel. I just use soap and hot water and rinse, rinse, rinse!!

  • Tonilynn Rosario

    2 great video posts once again thanks Prismpop!

  • Sharron Janette Neace

    I usually clean my brushes tools once a month...i really need to clean them more considering how many microscopic germs and dustmites and such thats on our skin...what really got me cleaning my brushes and applicators once amonth is that i was really prone to eye stys..and when i cleaned up my act so to speak i dont get them nowhere near as what i used to..i also clean my palletes..and will take a wet wipe and dust off the top layer of my shadows and clean my foundation bottles..ill soak my brushes in a mixture of dawn and a splash of vinegar..then if theyre really bad ill run them in the dishwasher..if you have wooden brushes though i wouldnt recomend this method.

  • Rukhsana

    i clean my brushes after every 2 uses, the method i use is a gentle shampoo constantly rubbing the brush while its all foamy on a brush cleaning mat. i keep cleaning until i no longer see any makeup dirt. i then rinse out the excess water and using a gentle conditioner i clean all my brushes one more time to nourish my brushes and keep it soft and then wash out and rinse out all the conditioner. i squeese out the excess water and lay out all the brushes on top of a dark colored towel, waiting for it to dry over night. my product recommendations are you do not have to purchase seperate brush and sponge cleansers, you can use any gentle shampoo with a gentle conditioner to soften the brushes or you can also get a gentle baby shower gel from dollar tree as its the safest thing to use for your brushes. for a quick fix you can also use those donut hair buns you can find in dollar tree, its basically made out of the same foam they use in the brush instant cleaners.

  • Sabrina

    Congrats Brinay! 💜💜💜

  • Jennifer Saul

    I clean all of my brushes at least once a month, maybe more if I use alot of different colors. A coffee cup 3/4 filled with warm water,1 or 2 pea size drops of lavender baby shampoo. The drops depend on how many brushes, how dirty, and the brush head size. Let them soak for 45 min, rinse.

  • Gina

    I wash my brushes every other day or when they appear to be dirty. Sometimes I can go a week. Depends on the colors I use them with and how contaminated they are with eyeshadows!❤️

  • Gina

    I always use a little joshnsons baby shampoo! I have sensitive skin and this is the only thing that works for me. I fill a bowl with warm water and add a dime sized amount of Johnson’s baby shampoo. I let the brushes soak for a half hour and then I rinse to make sure all of the soap is gone. I lay flat and air dry until I am ready to use them for another time!

  • Jennifer Henning

    I have no methods....never had any type of cleaner to be able to do such unfortunately.

  • Sindra ~

    I don't use slot of make up brushes but I do clean the ones I do use w a make up cleaner product.dip the tips turn up side down and use a hand toll to take off access make up cleaner..I do this maybe once or less a week depending on the amount of make up applied..easy. enjoy.. good d luck all..

  • Kayla Davis

    I clean my brushes about once a week with baby soap and a makeup brush cleaning mat.

  • Melissa Green

    Congrats Brinay! 🎉

  • natosha miller

    I really am a clean freak and I feel like when I started out I was like cleaning daily or so often after every use. However, after a while, I learned that it didn't need to be done so often and now I tend to feel twice a week and mainly times that I'm not using them for a day or so. I normally use the same color foundation so I normally don't mind too much to clean as often, but 2 times a month seems to work out fine for me with baby shampoo and water. ☺♥ I think my favorite method is the typical soaking and letting it sit out until dry. Mainly placing it upright in a cup or my handy makeup brush holder that is designed for drying, works fine too. I found one on amazon which really does a great job for allowing the brushes to hang upside down and dry without laying on each other. Additionally, I love those silicone mats, which can be in all diff shapes and even found at the dollar store. They really make it easy to clean the brush often if needed. Plus it really has so many ridged areas that it can clean up the brush pretty well without getting your hands dirty. :)

  • Michelle

    I have this cool brush cleaner clean my brushes every Sunday

  • Lisa Ksiazek

    I clean my brushes after 2 or 3 uses

  • Helinoftroy

    Love tatcha always wanted to try this

  • Kathy Pierce

    I clean my make up brushes every two weeks washing them with hot water and dish detergent, then I leave them to air dry.

  • Windi Winters

    Would love to get my hand on this to try.

  • Bianca Levasseur

    I clean my brushes by hand with hot water and dawn dish soap