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Week one: Collective Laboratories Activating Serum

Before Use

-My hair is damaged and scalp dry from bleaching. 
-My hair is drastically shedding.

-My scalp is itchy, also dry from the summer weather.

During Use

-Product is easy to apply and has a pleasant scent of essential oils.

-The label warns of slight tingling felt on scalp, but I did not notice this scensation.

-I applied to dry or towel dried hair and rinsed hands, as directed.

-I used the product four times a week.


-Scalp noticeably less itchy and appears healthier.

-My hair stopped falling out in chunks if under any sort of stress (pulling, brushing, ect.) like it was doing prior.

-My curls appear less frizzy and more defined, especially by the root where I had a lot of frizz.

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