Wet &Wild x Bretman Rock Rocks!

This palette is a hidden gem! I had never heard of this palette and came across it by complete accident. I was immediately draw to the appearance of the outer sleeve. With the bright colors and  tropical flowers, I just could not walk by without sneaking a peak. When I opened the palette, I was in complete awe of the color story. Best described as tropical vacation. The colors are bright and vibrant and with a price tag if $15.00, I had to try it. The while ride home I was secretly praying it was going to be decent. I was not let down. I first did finger swatches and my oh my the pigment is insane (in a good way lol),but being who I am, the real test is the brush swatching. Though they werent as vibrant as the first round of swatches, they were still pretty good. This 15 pan palette is truly a steal. While some of the shades do need to be built up, achieving the vibrant color that is in the pan, is totally possible. The only issue I have with the palette is the the red based shades tend to stain my eyelids for a day or so but it does go away. Overall this palette is a mix of beautiful glitters, mattes, and shimmers and is truly truly an amazing buy!

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  • Sabrina

    This is gorgeous! So many colors. I'm really drawn to the big peacock energy, which sounds completely wrong. 🤣 I love everything about this palette. 💜

  • Micheala

    Would love to try this. Has a nice variety of colors.